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LOE 053 Navigating Small Business Legals w/ Shalini Nandan

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Making Sense Of Small Business Legals

Welcome to episode 053 of The Law of Effortlessness Podcast with Shannon Bush, this episode features Shalini Nandan who teaches the art of advocacy in small business, and how to hold strong in the face of inevitable challenges.

Shalini drafts small business legals – legal contracts so they become part of your business toolkit, educating your clients and taking the guesswork out of working with your ideal client. Shalini operates between Brisbane and Fiji and is a mother to a 26-year-old son living in London, and co-parents a 14-month-old who is teaching her the power of assertiveness and unconditional love.

In this episode, Shannon and Shalini explore who the solopreneur is, what role does a self-advocate play in your business, and how you can engage your self-advocate to make your business thrive effortlessly

Shalini opens up about how she built her business from Facebook Groups, and having conversations with people and asking the simple questions like “what is it you’re doing?” and following her curiosity as well as asking very targeted questions to get you started with legals in your business.

Shannon and Shalini ask powerful questions like:

  • How can you prepare for legals in the early stages of business
  • Is the fee you charge properly structured?
  • What are the basic requirements for website legals?

They also discuss what exactly is a business – does a side hustle count and do you need legals for that? As well as when to get your legals reviewed and how – including keeping up to date with changes to, the law and how to handle debtors

It’s the ideal episode for any small business owner in Australia looking to better understand the basics when it comes to small business legals.


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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Your website needs to be populated, you need to have services and transactions to have legals.”

“No longer is a website just a basic website, even for startups.”

“If you have a side hustle, look at what your competitors are doing. If they don’t have terms and conditions, lift your standard.”

“Don’t use someone elses’ benchmark for quality assurance.”


LOE 048 | 7 Tips For Outsourcing | Shannon Bush Solo Show

LOE Podcast 048 tips for outsourcing | Shannon Bush Business Coach Marketing

Welcome to episode 48 of Law of Effortlessness podcast. This is a solo episode with your host Shannon Bush. Join Shannon as she discusses her 7 tips for outsourcing, a topic originating from a question posed to her by new Team Member and former podcast guest, Ashleigh Rae.

Outsourcing is a great way to work with skilled people and to support the growth of your business. Knowing when to outsource, what to outsource and why to outsource are just some of the questions many small business owners and entrepreneurs ask during the course of running a business.  The timing is different for every business owner, but there are certainly some key milestones in a business and answers to those questions that can support you with your decision.

Listen in as Shannon shares her tips and wisdom on the who, what, when, why and how of outsourcing including examples from her own business experience. As Shannon has been using outsourced team members for more than 8 years, her 7 tips for outsourcing your team are based on real life experience, including success and failures.

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Connect with Shannon in these places

Join the Thriving Entrepreneur Facebook group for women entrepreneurs

Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Consider costs to be from the perspective of not just money, but also time.” 

“Just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should.”

“Is using the free version of Canva really the best use of your skills?”