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LOE 034 | Perfectionism Be Gone w/ Claire Barton | Podcast

LOE 034 Perfectionism Be Gone | The Recovering Perfectionist Claire Barton | Shannon Bush Business Coach Perth

In Episode 034 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, you host Shannon Bush, talks with Claire Barton who is a list-ticking, action-taking, colour-coding, butt-kicking, organising goddess and productivity guru who helps entrepreneurs to simplify their processes, make a plan and take real action.  Today this is all about perfectionism and how to tackle it.

Claire admits she is also a Recovering Perfectionist. Claire shares about her journey in business from where she started to where she is now. Claire and Shannon talk all about perfectionism and how the ‘Recovering Perfectionist’ came about. Claire share that you are never going to totally get rid of your perfectionism, so if this is the case, you need to find a way to be ok with being a perfectionist.

What would that look like for you in your life and business? Perhaps you could give your inner perfectionist a job to do, give her a purpose. Not everything in your life and business needs to be perfect. Sometimes the fact a job or task is done but not perfect if enough.

The ladies encourage you to focus on the celebrations in your life and business; focus on the small wins. Do you suffer from comparision-itis and let it stop you from sharing your services because there is already something similar out there? Claire and Shannon muse over comparison-itis and they pose a question of how can you refine your methodology and services to become more inspired, creative and confident to get your services out into the world?

Deliver your version, your way. Listen in, be inspired and see what you can take from this wonderful episode.

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Connect with Claire in these awesome places; her website, her cool Facebook group, her podcast, The Recovering Perfectionist, Instagram and Twitter (can you tell she loves to chat!)

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It’s a really important thing to just be ok with working out what that balance looks like for you and what your comfort level is”

“You are never going to totally get rid of your perfectionism”

“Be ok with being a perfectionist”

“Give your inner perfectionist a job to do, give her a purpose”

“Don’t be the best kept secret!”

“Focus on the celebration. Focus on the small wins. Trust the process.”

“Deliver your version, your way”