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LOE 061 | Successful Community Building w/ Jess Van Den

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Successful Community Building with Jess Van Den

Welcome to episode 061 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, with silversmith Jess Van Den from Epheriell, Create & Thrive. Jess and Shannon re-connected at Artful Business Retreat 2018, and in this episode, you’ll hear Jess’s fascinating journey to becoming a successful Etsy store owner and community builder, including her venture into becoming a primary school educator before accidentally becoming full-time in her silversmithing business.

Jess shares her lessons in building a successful and thriving community including how you stand out from the crowd with authenticity and building a strong factor of trust and authority before followers will purchase from you, and have boundaries around how you show up including Digital Detoxing and taking time off away from a business without losing sales.

Jess Van Den is a self-employed silversmith working under the Epheriell label. She’s been making jewelry since 2008 when she opened her Etsy shop to sell her jewelry as a hobby and turned Epheriell into her full-time occupation in 2010 – bringing her husband Nick on board soon after. She specializes in eco sterling silver wedding rings and works out of her solar-powered home studio in the countryside north of Brisbane, Australia. She’s also the founder of Create & Thrive & the Thriver Circle, where she teaches fellow makers how to turn their handmade hobby into a thriving, successful business.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“When you believe in what you’re selling it’s completely different. You’re not selling, you’re helping.”

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re not in this for the long run, forget it. There’s no shortcut, it takes time for people to know you before they buy from you.”

“If you put yourself last, you will burn out and your business will fail.”