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LOE 081 | Liberator Engineer | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Law of Effortless Podcast Business Marketing Coach Shannon Bush The Thrive Factor Book Liberator Engineer

Meet the Liberator Engineer

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Welcome back to a new episode of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast where right now, we’re celebrating the launch of Amazon Bestseller, The Thrive Factor Book by #businessyoda Shannon Bush! If you’ve been tuning in recently you know we’re getting up close and personal with each of the 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business from The Thrive Factor Book and today, we have the pleasure of meeting the Liberator Engineer with guests Helen Hart, Stephanie Powell and Shannon Bush as they share the joys and challenges and strengths this freedom loving archetype presents!

The Liberator Engineer is a lover of engineering systems and processes that result in freedom for herself, her biggest challenge is understanding what freedom means to her in all forms, and when freedom isn’t present she becomes frustrated and can even have something of a volcanic eruption or implosion of anger or illness.

Join Shannon for the inside scoop on the Liberator Engineer from Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuroscience Researcher Helen Hart. Helen shares when she very first discovered The Thrive Factor Archetypes back in 2013 with the launch of Shannon’s first best selling book and the freedom she found in those pages and understanding that came with it. Helen delights in her love of structure and process which gives her the gift of freedom.

Stay tuned to hear from Associate Lawyer, Stephanie Powell who shares her experience of the Liberator Engineer and how for a long time, she felt like her personality kept contradicting itself but when she met Shannon and learned her Archetypes, she felt a huge shift and as if there was an explanation for who she was. Stephanie shares how she has to rein her Liberator Engineer in from time to time and re-frame her natural impulse for frustration or anger and how she uses her Archetypes in her legal work.

You’ll also hear from the Liberator Engineer #businessyoda herself, Shannon Bush as she shares her experiences of being a structure and freedom-loving Liberator Engineer including how she was surprised to discover this side of herself! Shannon shares how as much as systems create freedom for her, that it’s also very easy for it to be confining and frustrating. You’ll hear Shannon talk about what happens when freedom feels like it’s in short supply – eruptions of anger and frustration, or becoming sick or breakdowns in the carefully engineered systems. You’ll also hear an amazing insight into how the Liberator Engineer bumps up against anything egotistical or ego-driven.

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“You are the one individual that can create the freedom you need.” – Shannon Bush

“Having that structure gives me the freedom to create.” – Helen Hart

“If things aren’t working for you it’s ok to rip it down and start from scratch.”   – Helen Hart

“I choose what kind of day I’m going to have. Is it abundant, or wise?” – Stephanie Powell

“You have to love yourself as much as you love everyone else. You have to be as passionate about yourself as you are about everything else.” – Stephanie Powell

“Get clear on what freedom means to you in all the roles that you play.”   – Shannon Bush

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www.helenhart.com.au – Helen Hart

www.meredithlawyers.com.au – Stephanie Powell

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LOE 080 | Inspirer Believer | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Inspirer Believer Archetypes The Thrive Factor Book Coach Mentor Shannon Bush Perth

Meet the Inspirer Believer

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Welcome to episode 080, and the third Archetype the Inspirer Believer with your #businessyoda and now Amazon #1 Bestselling Author for the second time with a solo book – The Thrive Factor, Shannon Bush!

The Thrive Factor features 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business. Today we meet the Inspirer Believer, you know her as the cheerleader and champion of optimism. She throws herself into things she is passionate about but can become burned out quickly. Her greatest lesson is to be inspired by herself and to share that with the world. Join Shannon as she chats with three very real Inspirer Believers – Sheryl, Kimberly and Pavitra.

You’ll hear how Kimberlie has been inspired many times and is now onto her fifth business iteration which began with Tai Chi and is now in textiles. Kimberlie shares how one of her greatest joys with this archetype, is championing and cheerleading her mentees in her work, and being able to see the potential in others. On the flip side, you’ll also hear the challenges she faced in not being able to take off her rose-coloured glasses.

Stay tuned to hear from Transition Mentor, Pavitra who describes the transformation and clarity that discovering her archetypes as overly joyous, and how she has fully embraced this aspect of herself to believe in the unknown more than what is known and in surrendering to the flow of life and creating from there. Pavitra also shares her challenges – acknowledging how easy it is for her to be inspired and to inspire others, and not having healthy boundaries to support it. Pavitra also shares how she is challenged by the logical mind trying to fathom many of the qualities, ideas and creativity of the Inspirer Believer as they are so intangible.

Keep listening to hear from Graphic Designer Sheryl Young, who shares the joy of being so excited in the beginning of new projects, and the challenge of that huge amount of energy burning up so quickly and burning out fast. Sheryl also shares how she’s embraced a side of herself to cheer on her clients and using it to grow her own confidence and having permission to be authentic to herself.  

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“The energy of the Inspirer Believer is about balance, about what’s best for everyone not just ourselves.” – Kimberlie

“The inspiration is in everything in life it’s all around us and in the air we breathe.” – Pavitra

“Allow yourself to be authentically you.” – Sheryl

Connect with our Inspirer Believer’s Here

www.brightcrafts.com.au Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

www.pavitraguru.com – Pavitra Guru

www.nevertheless.com.au – Sheryl Young

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LOE 078 | Advocate Rescuer | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Thrive Factor Book Series LOE Podcast Shannon Bush Business Marketing Coach Perth Advocate Rescuer

LOE 078 | Meet the Advocate Rescuer Archetype

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Welcome to the first installment of The Thrive Factor book series of Law of Effortlessness Podcast – last week, you heard Business Coach Shannon Bush talk briefly about each of the twelve archetypes, and today you get to meet just a few of the amazing women Shannon has profiled as an Advocate Rescuer. These women have bravely put their hands up to share their experiences and wisdom after uncovering their archetype as the Advocate Rescuer.

In this powerhouse episode, you’ll meet Yvonne Atkinson, Angelique Bavich, Kylie-Jo Barker who share their stories and insights post-profiling and what it means to them, their strengths and challenges, and how they use the knowledge and insight to create thriving businesses.

Tune in to hear Shannon chat to Yvonne about her Advocate Rescuer as Yvonne describes her first encounters as being hard, frustrating and heavy – and how she now uses the archetype to be the balancing factor to the other archetypes that are present, and how she came to embrace this side of herself.

Keep listening for Angelique’s take on the Advocate Rescuer archetype including her experiences of learning to say no to things, in order to say yes to herself, and how that, in turn, teaches her family, friends, and clients to care for themselves and put themselves first. You’ll also here Angelique speak about the challenges she faces in knowing the difference between helping and rescuing someone.

Shannon finishes this episode with one very special guest, Kylie-Jo Barker who had been part of the Creative Possibility team for a long time. Kylie-Jo shares how learning that she has a voice, and it is valuable and valid has been the biggest blessing, and challenge and how she has learned to recognize when she is and is not using her voice effectively. 

What is the Amazon #1 Best selling book The Thrive Factor about? The Thrive Factor book featues 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business, providing valuable information for each archetype on its expression of mindset, marketing, money and magnetism.

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“I have learned to love my Advocate Rescuer. She is an advocate for me.” – Yvonne

“When she’s in her advocate role, when she says NO – that’s when she shows my clients, friends and family it’s ok to look after myself first.” – Angelique

“I have a voice and I can be respected for it.” – Kylie-Jo

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LOE 076 | Effortless Business and Health w/ Kat Blake

LOE Podcast Perth Business Marketing Coach Shannon Bush Kat Blake LOE Podcast

Episode 076 Effortless Business and Health with Kat Blake, Invigorate Naturopathy

How do you beat the stress and overwhelm of running your own business? We’ve all been there, worrying if we have enough income to pay our bills, clients rescheduling appointments – so, how do we manage that level of constant stress and create our own effortless business?

Join Shannon as she chats with Naturopath, Kat Blake about how she grew her business, implemented a leveraged business model which allowed her to enjoy effortless business, and her best tips for managing stress, fatigue, and anxiety in business.

Kat shares her fears about becoming a full-time business owner from deciding when it was the right time if she had enough money to support it and a strong client flow – and discovered the niche she most enjoyed working with. You’ll hear Shannon and Kat talk about how Kat began to move into a more leveraged business model by hosting events, and the challenges and celebrations that followed from choosing presenters wisely, and getting feedback from attendees on the topics they were interested in, and acting on it to include those topics more specifically at future events.

Shannon and Kat share candidly the challenges of running events from Kat’s struggle with technology and presentation slides that didn’t work, and only allowing four weeks to market the event. Shannon asks Kat how she held it together and kept calm on the day of the event, and you’ll hear Kat’s tips including meditation to calm her breathing and heart rate, and coming from a place of gratitude.

Join Shannon and Kat for a discussion on what makes Naturopathy different from visiting your GP, and how she handles skeptical clients, and how Kat manages to check in with all her clients (including automated emails!). You’ll also get to hear Kat share some excellent tips on managing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety when running a business including:

  • Slowing down – eat mindfully, sit down and slowly eat your lunch.
  • Meditation which will support your mind health, once or twice per week
  • Move the body – go for a walk around the block, move your body

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“Once I niched, I knew what I was saying and it was much easier to market myself to them.” – Kat Blake

“It’s important to choose your team wisely. Just because someone is also a Naturopath, doesn’t mean we are focussing on the same thing and we compliment each other nicely.” – Kat Blake

“More of us should celebrate saying NO. It’s not always a right fit.”  – Shannon Bush

“Remember why you started your Naturopathic business.” – Kat Blake

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LOE 054 | What We Hate About Business Events w/ Shannon Bush & Sarah Thomson | Effortless Business Events Takeover

Marketing, Coach, Business Coach, Business, Entrepreneur

Welcome to episode 054 of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast, this time with a twist!

Effortless Business Events is taking over the Law of Effortlessness Podcast and featuring Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly (you might also remember her from episode 051). Shannon and Sarah collaborate together on Effortless Business Events, bringing small business owners in Perth an opportunity to attend quality, content focused marketing and business growth events.

In today’s episode, Shannon and Sarah talk candidly about what they both hate about other business events – what they’ve learned from workshops, conferences and master classes they have both attended over the years and how they’ve used those lessons to create Effortless Business Events and to deliver a quality experience.

Sarah Thomson established Online Social Butterfly in 2011 and offers dynamic online marketing expertise to business owners. Her most popular topics include marketing in the digital age, social media and websites.

Sarah brings with her a 15-year background in corporate marketing, spanning multi-nationals, government, not-for-profit and the small business sector in both Sydney and the UK. Her enthusiasm for the industry is currently propelling her through a Master’s degree in Web Communications.

She also finds time to run a taxi service for her sons, who are both competitive swimmers

Shannon and Sarah talk about their pet peeves with live events from great stories with no practical application, keynote speakers that are inspiring and motivating but lacking action steps, and the bad, spammy sales pitch without offering anything of value – including the time Sarah walked out of a live event.

All these lessons learned have helped Shannon and Sarah to launch and positively influence their collaboration, Effortless Business Events – making the events they offer the kind of event they have wanted to attend themselves.

You’re in for lots of wisdom and insight from these two seasoned business events and learning junkies!

Mentioned Links and Links To Connect

Connect with Sarah via her website here and on Facebook and Instagram here.

Find out more about Effortless Business Events here, like and follow the Facebook Page here.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Keynote speakers are people who often come with a caveat that they are passionate and excitable, not always practical.”

“Our time is one our most precious resources. If I’ve given you my time, even if it’s a free thing, I have already invested in you.”

“People have paid in their time, money and emotionally – so it’s not OK to do a huge sales pitch from the first minute.”

“If you really own your expertise you don’t need to do a huge sales pitch.”

Creative Flow: An Untapped Business Advantage

I was recently asked to write an article for an on-line business magazine, PurplCreative Flow - Creative Possibilitye Rocket Power Magazine.  With a background in Arts Therapy and with a passion for incorporating creativity into my leadership training and business coaching programs the magazine editors were keen for me to share something related to creativity and how it can be an asset in business

I shared an overview of something I believe is essential to creating effortless success in life and business, creative flow.  I share the six steps to achieving creative flow (which you can see in the diagram to the right.) Below is a brief snapshot of some of what I covered in the introduction to the article ‘The Effortless ART of Business: 6 Steps To Embracing Creative Flow’;

Whether you know it or not you are creative.  As a business owner you are in a very powerful position at this current time.  The world is changing and looking for new ways to do things.  There is more emphasis on the benefits of creative thinking, of innovation in business and the right brained thoughts and actions that have struggled to hold their own – to find credibility in the traditional left brained business world are standing their ground and being recognised as valuable keys to future success.

Is it possible to take advantage of all this right brained opportunity flowing around when the mere mention of the word creative or the thought of being creative makes you want to run away?  Yes it is!  With just a few steps you can embrace the greatest benefit of creative expression, something called creative flow Continue reading

Are You In Your Effortless Success Zone?

How’s your day going today? Your week? This year to date? Do you feel like things are still a bit of a struggle or maybe a lot of a struggle?
Believe Key To Effortless SuccessDo you continue to have more tired and stuck days where you feel overwhelmed and like there is just too many things to do and too little time or resources to get on top of everything?

Chances are you are out of your Effortless Success Zone. What is your Effortless Success Zone?

Your Effortless Success Zone is that seemingly magical place where everything just falls into place. It’s a place of ultimate confidence and ease
Continue reading

Graceful, Inspiring, Free…… Effortless Success

When I thought about what I wanted to achieve when I started my business I have to say that I didn’t really have great clarity.  What I did know though was how I wanted to feel.  I remember back to a time when I wrote down a few words about those feelings.  The one’s I still remember today were the words Graceful, Inspiring and Free
Most recently I have come to know these words and the other feelings I want to experience daily as something I call Effortless Success.  In it’s simplest form this is about doing less and achieving more.  That might be more free time, more clients, more income, more opportunities, more satisfaction, more joy.  In fact more of anything you want, need, desire and deserve.  It’s the sort of thing that you know you’ve nailed when you’re there.  Everything just falls into place and there is no room for the self doubt or disempowering beliefs that might ordinarily get in the way or stop you from having, doing, achieving, being and feeling how you really want to be

Last week I launched the Effortless Success Seminar and had the absolute pleasure of experiencing what this means first-hand.  The content for the event came together freely and easily.  It was Effortless Success in it’s purest form.  Why am I telling you this?  Well it’s not to brag.  Not at all.  I’m telling you because I want you to believe it’s possible for you to.  When you embrace your inner lead-HER and let her shine by working with her true strengths and archetypal leadership qualities you can achieve anything.  I really believe that and I aim to live that each day, every day

To sign off today’s article I just want to ask you to reflect on the following powerful question.  “What would be your definition of Effortless Success?”

Sometimes just writing out what you desire is a great place to start when it come’s to creating an inspiring, free life, gracefully, effortlessly, successfully

Love to know what you think about today’s article so please post your comments, questions and feedback below

Until next time I wish you succulent, effortless success!