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LOE 082 | The Thrive Factor Book Series with Kerri Duff-Borthen

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Podcast Episode 082 | The Thrive Factor Book Series: Be a Ninja and Love Yourself w/ Kerri Duff-Borthen

Welcome to Episode 082 of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your #businessyoda host, Shannon Bush! Today Shannon is joined by Kerri Duff-Borthen from The Shortlister, a recruitment platform for business owners across Australia.

Kerri met her Thrive Factor Archetypes back in 2017, as a Pioneer Seeker, Visionary Creator, Inspirer Believer, Mediator Diplomat, and a sneaky Heroine Adventurer that kept poking and prodding her way to be seen and heard. Kerri spent two years getting to know each one individually and embracing them wholeheartedly. She identifies mostly as the Pioneer Seeker and Inspirer Believer but sees how they each blend together and make up the whole of who she is (see page 205 of The Thrive Factor Book).

Kerri shares how she previously ran a more traditional recruitment agency called Duff Recruitment but found it was ‘eating her soul’ – it was then that she met Shannon and was profiled with her archetypes and began to embrace and utilize her archetypes including the Mediator Diplomat who supported her to create a process that supported both the employer and candidate beautifully through the recruitment process, and using the Visionary Creator and Pioneer Seeker to disrupt the market and pioneer a new way forward in her industry. Embracing these parts of herself had led Kerry to great success including recognition in the form of awards for her work.

But, like all archetypes there are challenges – Kerri shares how she has learned to identify when she’s out of balance, and that her biggest challenge is being hard on herself – and on the flip side, how she brings herself back into alignment when she’s having a ‘dumpy’ day.

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Noteable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“It can be really lonely. I tend to be two or three steps ahead of everyone because I can see where people are going and the path they’re taking. I see their potential.” – Kerri

“It can be a really fun, transparent process. It doesn’t have to be gloomy and heavy.” – Kerri

“I can be very hard on myself and quite judgemental, an overthinker and I can be harsh on others. That’s when I know I’m out of balance.” – Kerri

“Many of us are role models now. It can be tough, but often the harshness we feel is self-inflicted.” – Shannon

“Know our archetypes individually. You might identify with one or two more than the others, but get to know them well.” – Kerri

“Figure out what makes yourself shine, and do more of that.” – Kerri

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LOE 067 | Authentic Branding Insights | Effortless Business Events | Podcast

Online Business Branding Insights Perth Business Coah Shannon Bush Online Marketing Sarah Thomson Law of Effortlessness Effortless Business Events

Authentic Branding Insights with Business and Marketing Coach Shannon Bush and Marketing Maven Sarah Thomson | Effortless Business Events Take Over

Want to understand Auhentic Branding? You’re in luck.

Shannon and Sarah are back with another Effortless Business Events Take Over Episode on the Law of Effortlessness Podcast, and this episode is all about Insights into authentic online branding!

Have you ever wondered just how important authentic branding is?

What is your brand – is it just your logo?

Discover how you can create an authentic brand

Shannon and Sarah share their expertise on what a brand actually is and their insights on how to get it right and why it is so important to be “on-brand” in everything you do as a business owner.

As always, Shannon and Sarah also share simple and effortless tips and insights that you can implement right away in your own business to create your own authentic brand like crafting a mood-board and style-guide for your brand. Shannon and Sarah also share essential things for you to consider when creating your brand, such as:

  • Developing a word-bank for your business
  • Fonts, including their size, colors and how they appear on different documents like letterheads and email footers
  • The mood you want to create and project
  • Consistency across different mediums
  • Authenticity in your branding

You work hard online to build relationships and connections, and your brand is an important part of building those connections and over time your business will change and shift.

Shannon and Sarah talk about how you can effortlessly transition your business in a way that makes logical sense for your business and market with ease and authenticity.

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It’s ok to use stock images. Just make sure they reflect who you are.”

“Being on-brand is about honoring your business identity.”

“Own your own space and identity. It makes it very hard for other people to replicate you.”

“When you share something that is out of character for you and your brand, you will get attention, but it’s probably the wrong attention and you will confuse your market.”

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