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LOE 080 | Inspirer Believer | The Thrive Factor Book Series

Inspirer Believer Archetypes The Thrive Factor Book Coach Mentor Shannon Bush Perth

Meet the Inspirer Believer

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Welcome to episode 080, and the third Archetype the Inspirer Believer with your #businessyoda and now Amazon #1 Bestselling Author for the second time with a solo book – The Thrive Factor, Shannon Bush!

The Thrive Factor features 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business. Today we meet the Inspirer Believer, you know her as the cheerleader and champion of optimism. She throws herself into things she is passionate about but can become burned out quickly. Her greatest lesson is to be inspired by herself and to share that with the world. Join Shannon as she chats with three very real Inspirer Believers – Sheryl, Kimberly and Pavitra.

You’ll hear how Kimberlie has been inspired many times and is now onto her fifth business iteration which began with Tai Chi and is now in textiles. Kimberlie shares how one of her greatest joys with this archetype, is championing and cheerleading her mentees in her work, and being able to see the potential in others. On the flip side, you’ll also hear the challenges she faced in not being able to take off her rose-coloured glasses.

Stay tuned to hear from Transition Mentor, Pavitra who describes the transformation and clarity that discovering her archetypes as overly joyous, and how she has fully embraced this aspect of herself to believe in the unknown more than what is known and in surrendering to the flow of life and creating from there. Pavitra also shares her challenges – acknowledging how easy it is for her to be inspired and to inspire others, and not having healthy boundaries to support it. Pavitra also shares how she is challenged by the logical mind trying to fathom many of the qualities, ideas and creativity of the Inspirer Believer as they are so intangible.

Keep listening to hear from Graphic Designer Sheryl Young, who shares the joy of being so excited in the beginning of new projects, and the challenge of that huge amount of energy burning up so quickly and burning out fast. Sheryl also shares how she’s embraced a side of herself to cheer on her clients and using it to grow her own confidence and having permission to be authentic to herself.  

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“The energy of the Inspirer Believer is about balance, about what’s best for everyone not just ourselves.” – Kimberlie

“The inspiration is in everything in life it’s all around us and in the air we breathe.” – Pavitra

“Allow yourself to be authentically you.” – Sheryl

Connect with our Inspirer Believer’s Here

www.brightcrafts.com.au Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

www.pavitraguru.com – Pavitra Guru

www.nevertheless.com.au – Sheryl Young

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The Inspirer Believer

Inspirer Believer

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

Inspirer Believer

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Inspirer Believer is ‘believing anything is possible’

Your key innate strengths are

  • Incredibly self motivated, living your life with meaningful direction and purpose from a place of self love and with the knowledge of self healing that you willingly share with others
  • You inspire others with your general dedication to provide light, healing and protection for all whilst being aware of the importance of caring for yourself
  • You are compassionate for all causes yet able to stand strong and not give too much of yourself away
  • You remind us to keep our own traditions alive and whole as these gifts can sustain us through any situation we may face
  • You are in touch and trusting of your intuitive side, calling on your old wise self for inner healing and brave enough to share your knowledge compassionately and from a place of service for the good of all (wo)mankind!
  • You are in tune with your own cycles and able to connect with whatever you need within to look after yourself so that you can be your best to fulfill your purpose in life to heal others wholisticly on and from all dimensions – mind, body, spirit, soul
  • You are able to gently and passionately draw on your own compassion and inner healing abilities as you inspire others with your work
  • You have an incredible belief in the human spirit and are called to work in a way that illuminates this for individuals, communities and beyond


Creating Your Best Self In Times Of Adversity

I don’t know about you but this has been a very challenging year for me on many levels.  My recent time away gave me the opportunity to recognise the many Personal Leadership practices – that I call rituals – that I have embraced that I know have helped me to continue to move forward with a significant dose of optimism and to also continue to work towards one of my great passions, creating my best self

EWBE You As A Leader Presentation July 12

Sure there have been times when it’s all felt too hard and I wanted to give up (on relationships, business, commitments, all sorts of random stuff to be honest!) but then I took stock of what I really felt, wanted, trusted and believed in and put that little foot of mine that wanted to turn and run away forward in front of the other one and kept the momentum moving in what some would say is the ‘right direction’.  I know this movement had a sense of being a forward direction

Only time will tell if it was right or not

What I do know for certain though is that I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way during this time (like speaking at the Every Woman Business Events You As A Leader Seminar in June – image courtesy New Work Photography) and each and every one has been a reminder that taking one step at a time whichever way you move is better than staying still and waiting for life to come to you

What did I do to keep moving forward?  Today I share 3 of my favourite mindset attributes that feed into my Personal Leadership Rituals

1. Self- Reflection

When things are challenging do you look outwards and wonder what’s happening to everyone else or do you look within to see if there is something in yourself you can reflect on with the intention of doing things differently? Reflection provides a powerful opportunity for change and when something’s not working out like you want or need it to then it’s time to make some changes.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So how do you prevent yourself from feeling like you are going mad?  Self-reflect.  Look in the mirror and be honest about what you see and then take action to make things different

2. Self- Flexibility

It’s so common to want to take control when life deals you less than fantastic experiences.  In fact in my experience I’ve noticed that the bigger the issue or challenge the more likely that we want to take control.  I know this all too well as it’s been one of my default behaviours for a long time.  Guess what?  Rigidity and control won’t really get you very far.  Instead work towards adopting self-flexibiity.  I see this as filled with resilience and big picture perspective.  When you can be flexible you are more readily able to go with the flow and respond optimistically to experiences, including thoughts and feelings, that might otherwise knock you off course

3.  Self-Trust

Ok this is one I know I’ve gone on about a lot.  In fact self-trust features as a common opportunity for learning in many of the archetypes that feature as unique leadership styles in my Personal Leadership model.  Self-trust is one of the key corner stones when it comes to creating your best self.  How can you expect to be the best version of you if you don’t trust who you are and what you are doing.  A good way to get acquainted with what it means to trust yourself is to define the term trust.  For me it’s closely linked to self belief, belief and trust go hand in hand.  It also means listening to and following my intuition and taking full responsibility for my part in my experiences

I’d love to know what you rely on or turn to when things are challenging in your world.  Please share your comments below

Until next time, I wish you succulent, effortless success


Inspired To Inspirer: The Gift Of The Inspirer Believer Leader

Lead-HERThe word inspiration has, I believe, a certain quality of inspiration about it. When I hear this word or it’s sisters, inspire, inspirer and inspired, I get a sense of expansion and possibility. I have never met anyone who has not been inspired at some point in their lives. My question is though, how do you go from being the inspired one to the inspirer; the one doing the inspiring?

There are many many people in our beautiful world who are natural inspirers. They have the gift of inspiration, coupled with the gift of belief. Belief in others and most importantly belief in themselves. Without that belief I feel that the inspiration has a tendency to lose it’s power. It gets diluted by self-doubt, in-congruence, diminishing confidence and the message of inspiration just doesn’t have the same glow about it
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