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LOE 056 | Effortless Business Events Take Over | Owning Your Expertise | Shannon Bush & Sarah Thomson

Welcome to another Effortless Business Event’s Take Over of the LOE Podcast, episode 056, featuring Sarah Thomson – today Sarah and Shannon are talking about Owning Your Expertise, something many entrepreneurs struggle with, including Sarah!

Sarah shares a secret in what holds many people back from owning their expertise and handling comparison. You’ll also hear about Shannon’s experiences in her first career as a Registered Nurse before getting into Business Coaching, and her first Mentor’s message on comparison and competition.

This show turns into something of a confessional, with words of wisdom and experience from both Shannon and Sarah exploring the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, self-confidence, and giving yourself permission to be you. Stay tuned to the end for a little exercise to help you grow your mindset and own your expertise!


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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Everyone is on a different business journey.”

“Even with all my experience and qualifications, I struggle with owning my expertise sometimes.”

“The world needs different voices.”

LOE 44 | Marketing Message Clarity | Live Coaching Call w Shalini Nandan

LOE 044 Live Coaching Call _ Shalini Nandan-Singh | Legally Shalini | Marketing Message Clarity

Welcome to Episode 044 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast. Today Shannon Bush is back with a live coaching call with Shalini Nandan-Singh.

Shalini is a legal coach, and lawyer. She has always loved the law and yearned to work differently from traditional legal practice. Now, in coaching and mentoring women in business from start up to whenever, Shalini helps her tribe by using life skills gained from her “other” life as an entrepreneur in two countries, cohabiting in 2 distinct cultures, and lawyering in two jurisdictions.

Shalini is also a mother, partner, journalist, community worker, spiritual seeker and self-confessed lover all things that are based in joy, ease and grace! For Shalini, happiness in professional life is helping folk to look at their legal challenges as an opportunity for personal and business growth, while providing practical legal support and having fun and learning lots along the way!

During this live coaching call, Shalini receives some coaching on how to consolidate her message, create marketing message clarity and move past being a start-up. She and Shannon talk through promoting your business on your Facebook page and how you become the ‘go-to’ person in your field. Listen in and see what you can learn and apply to your own business, starting with marketing message clarity!  There’s oddles to be inspired by in today’s episode.

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Join the Thriving Entrepreneur Facebook group for women entrepreneurs

Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“When it’s your own business, it’s the strangest, most difficult, most uncertain that you’ll ever handle.”

“What is one thing you can share at a time?”

“Look at your core archetypes and look at the key message each of them have.”

“Focus on the little steps that will build up over time.”

How Often Should I Review My Marketing Message?

Blog Review My Marketing Message - Creative Possibility | Shannon Bush Marketing Coaching Perth

One of the biggest marketing questions I get asked: How often should I review my marketing message? Here's what I think...

Things aren’t working for you and you find yourself thinking “I really should review my marketing message!”

Defining your marketing message can become one of the most frustrating things you do in your business.  It can feel like you’ve never got it just right and ready to do it’s awesome job at helping you connect with all those fabulous people out there in the big wide world who are looking for you but don’t yet know you exist.

I know, in reality It can certainly take a while to evolve into something succinct and clear and magnetic. I have found many small business owners I’ve worked with or spoken to about their marketing message and overall business messages, have felt the need to constantly change it because it’s just not quite right.

Perhaps it isn’t quite hitting the mark and making an impact and magnetically drawing people to you.  It will need to be reviewed and changed over time but I think the thing to be aware of is that we can also change it for change sake.

Your message may very well be ideal for you and your target market but you’re simply not sharing it anywhere much or not sure what to do with it to let it work it’s magic.

Here’s some truths to consider about your marketing message;

You will evolve as you learn and experience.

So will your ideal clients.

So yes, you will need to review and evolve your marketing message in line with that.  But don’t get tempted to change things up just because it’s boring, not working, you don’t like sharing or saying it. You can only know if your message is on point after you’ve been sharing it consistently over a period of time.

And by consistent I mean more than a random time once a week or month!

So the question I posed at the begining of this blog is looking for an answer!I suggest a quarterly check in on your message to see if it’s still in alignment. If it

How Often Should I Review My Marketing Message?

I suggest a quarterly check in on your message to see if it’s still in alignment. If it is don’t change it. If not it may only need a slight tweak, not a massive overhaul.

Read what you have as your message out lout and see how it sounds and feels. Trust yourself and adjust accordingly.

Practice more proactively using your message everywhere you can.  This goes for your current message, or the new one you’ve crafted.  Only using it frequently will provide you with the feedback as to it’s effectiveness.

Be consistent and as clear as you can be and let your message do it’s work, magnetically drawing more of the right clients your way.