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LOE 40 | Staying Motivated | Shannon Bush Solo Show

LOE Podcast 040 Staying Motivated _ Shannon Bush | Business Coach Australia | Marketing Coach Perth

Welcome to Episode 40 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast. Your host, Shannon Bush is back with a solo show on the themes that have been coming up lately in conversations she’s had with clients and her business network; it’s all about staying motivated.

When there are challenges coming up, whether that be on a personal level or a business level, or both, there are often questions that arise like:

Why am I doing what I am doing?

What is this all about?

What’s the purpose of me being in business?

Am I ever going to get any results?

Am I ever going to get any return for all the effort and investment I’ve made?

There are often more questions than answers. Shannon believes business owners want to leave a legacy through their business that makes a difference for others. When you understand what sort of legacy you wish to leave through your business dream big and step outside of your comfort zone. Are you having trouble seeing your accomplishments?

Shannon asks you to consider if you have you actually accomplished and have wanted to achieve?

Take the time to give yourself a reality check about how far you have actually come.

One way you can do the reality check is to keep a gratitude journal and engage in this activity regularly.

Listen in to this episode for tips to staying motivated in your business at every stage.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

‘When there are challenges coming up, whether that be on a personal level or a business level, or both, there are often questions about why am I doing what I am doing? What is this all about? What’s the purpose of me being in business? Am I ever going to get any results? Am I ever going to get any return for all the effort and investment I’ve made? … There is often more questions than answers.’

‘Every business owner has some sort of legacy they want to leave with their business.’

‘Dream big. Step way outside of your comfort zone.’

‘What have you actually accomplished and have achieved. Have a reality check about how far you have actually come.’

10 Empowering Reasons To Put Yourself First (Bonus Downloadable Wallchart Included)

I am always so inspired by the moment that someone I am meeting for the first time puts their hand up to say

“I’m not going to do this any more – I deserve more for me!”

and decides there and then that they are going to take back control and lead their lives – that’s personal leadership and that’s why I do what I do – for those moments

It makes me believe in the human spirit, in all things Creative Possibility and in myself and my commitment to lead by example

How often have you stopped to reflect on how much you are really giving to yourself that is loving, nurturing and freeing?

Over the past few weeks I have had some really interesting experiences with a number of clients and have seen a big shift in their self commitment.  This has left me feeling elated.  Why?  Just over a week ago I shared the above message on my Facebook page which possibly gives some insight

Today I want to expand on this further by sharing 10 empowering reason’s why I think you need to put yourself first and with that I hope to inspire you to put yourself first (and yes, as always I am committed to leading by example so I am doing my bit and taking my own advice!)

Right at the end of the list you’ll find a wall chart that you can download and print to keep as a reminder of why it’s important to put yourself first.  There’s a few extra spaces so you can add your own reason’s too because there is great inner power in self inspiration

10 Empowering Reasons To Put Yourself First

1. When you do others will too
2. You deserve the very best of everything and putting yourself first is an act of self belief
3. The world deserves the very best, bright, shining, loving version of you today and every day
4. Life is limitless when you put yourself first
5. You get to call the shots and be the leader of your journey
6. Life is what you make it and putting yourself first shows you that you are worth it
7. Choices and the actions that follow speak louder than words (what are you saying?)
8. Being a little selfish is actually healthy for you
9. Doing so shows others how to do the same (so they can benefit from all the positive abundance that comes with doing so too)
10. When you do show yourself unconditional love all that creates more abundance, joy, love and effortless success in your life

Download your free Put Myself First Creative Possibility Wall Chart

It’s written in the first person so if you dare to read it out loud, even really quietly, you are affirming more of you and that’s Creative Possibility in action and that’s limitless!



The Real You: Overcoming Identity Confusion Part 2

Ultimate Blog Challenge Post 3

Last month I shared some key insights into the state of identity confusion.  This included providing a bit of psychological background into the origins of this term as well as some benefits to getting clear on who you are.  Knowing your true self is about having a clear identity (you can read part 1 here)

I promised I’d be back with a second installment in this series as it’s something that I see as a big challenge for many people.   So here it is, part 2 of the Overcoming Identity Confusion series, The Real You

In this post I agreed to share with you key insights into how to create a powerful identity and I plan to do that by sharing 3 things that you are probably doing right now that are potentially leading to increased confusion, growing overwhelm, loss of confidence and a sense of not only “who am I” but “what on earth am I doing?”

3 Actions Destined To Keep You Hiding And Confused

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Who Are You? Overcoming Identity Confusion Part 1

Who are you?  Is this a question that sends you into a flat spin, leaves you with a blank expression or fills your head with an overwhelming number of possibilities?

Knowing who you are is one of the most interesting journey’s you can take in life.  It has the potential to be filled with discovery and wonder, curiosity and amazement, purpose and potential and yet as a question “Who are you?” or more to the point “Who am I?” is referred to regularly as the one question that leaves a large majority of people feeling confused and challenged on a daily basis

Recently I’ve been working with a new set of clients and while their challenges have been varied, the primary root cause underlying their frustrations and limitations has been confusion.  Specifically self confusion which I see as potential identity crisis.  This topic has come up so often that I wanted to share with you a little about identity, identity confusion and how to overcome it over the course of December

First up let’s take a look at the first question to ask ourselves.  “What is identity?”

Identity is the underlying element of who we are.  It’s how we define ourselves – our sense of self.  It is also how others define us – and may, particularly in relation to business be described using words such as brand or branding, personal brand or reputation

It is also the sum of all of these things – who we are, our sense of self and how others define us

It is all of the different roles we play – partner, parent, business owner, friend, sibling, speaker, creator, marketing manager, author, student, and employer and so on

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Releasing Perfectionism


Over the past few weeks I’ve met a lot of new women at the Effortless Success Seminar’s I’ve been hostingRelease Perfectionism + Creative Possibility and I’ve found that one big challenge faced by many of them is that of perfectionism.  It led me to think that if probably 3 out of every 4 women I’ve met recently are tied up with the challenge to get things perfect then it’s possibly a bit of an epidemic and therefore affecting many many more people (women and men) out there

Perfectionism in my experience is the opposite to Effortless Success as it leads to stagnation.  Perfectionism can create a sense of pushing and urgency in us that can lead to all sorts of controlling type behaviours which contradict the notion of flow which is in itself essential to things being easier in life.  I used to think that perfectionism only affected a certain type of person and having been a bit of perfectionist myself (it’s tied closely to the Visionary Creator and Mentor Teacher in my Personal Leadership Profile) I know what it feels like to be attached to something being just ‘perfect’

I love the quote in the image at right from Anna Quindlen.  It’s really freeing and wonderfully empowering.  What sort of support messages do you use to remind yourself that you are wonderful just as you are and in this case to release perfectionism?  I’d love for you to share some of your resources so feel free to add a comment below and let us know what you think!