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LOE 026 – Authentic Business The Smart Chicks Way | Podcast

LOE 026 Authentic Business the Smart Chicks Way _ Courts & Kirsty | Business Success Summit | Small Business Marketing

In Episode 26 Shannon Bush talk to Smart Chicks, Courts Lippett and Kirsty Bonner about authentic business and doing business the Smart Chicks way. They discuss the evolution of Smart Chicks as a brand and how it all came about with each of these inspiring women sharing a little about their personal business stories before partnering together and branding themselves as the Smart Chicks.

Shannon poses an important question to Courts and Kristy and together they reflect on their views on the future of women in business and opportunities available to women in business in this time in the world.

They discuss the importance of setting boundaries not only in your business but also your personal life. The ladies converse about your zone of genius, referenced from one of our favourite books here in the Law of Effortlessness community, Gay Hendricks ‘The Big Leap’. And they talk about how, as a women you can create a business around the things you love.

When talking through the things that have helped them to grow their business Courts and Kirsty, in their beautiful demonstration of authentic business also talk outsourcing and the ladies views on that to move your business forward. Listen in and enjoy this fun interview to discover more gems of wisdom.

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Connect with the Smartest Smart Chicks and authentic business cheerleaders Courts and Kirsty via their upcoming online business summit. It starts on 27th March, 2017 and is not to be missed. Register here to listen into their 25+ interviews with entrepreneurs you’ll want to learn from. There’s going to be an abundance of effortlessness for sure!

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Notable Quotes

‘Have a big vision but really listen to the audience that you’re attracting.’

‘Don’t just create something and then try and sell it. Create your audience and then find out what they need and then make sure you’re servicing them.’

‘Channel your energy in your own positivity.’

‘Women can create a business around what they love.’

‘Outsourcing – do it sooner rather than later!’

‘If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.’