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LOE 066 | The Basics of Online Presence | Effortless Business Events

Effortless Business Events Sarah Thomson Shannon Bush | Basics of Online Presence Law of Effortlessness Podcast

The Basics of Online Presence, Another Effortless Business Events Takes Overwith Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson

Welcome to another installment from the Effortless Business Events team on Law of Effortlessness Podcast Take Over with your hosts, Business Coach Shannon Bush and Marketing Super Star, Sarah Thomson – this time chatting about Online Presence, something that is critical to your digital marketing success.

This episode is a juicy one – the who, what, when, where, and why of online presence from privacy to perception and expectations.

So, why is checking your online presence as a small business owner so important?

Shannon and Sarah discuss why its so important to have an online presence and to curate it and be aware of what is out there online about yourself personally, and your business. For example, you’ll do well to understand the variations on a basic Google search with images, videos, and variations of your name (especially if your name has ever changed). It’s also essential to be aware of your privacy online – as Sarah says, just because a group on Facebook is private or secret, does not mean people have not taken a screenshot of your post!

Filled with practical, effortless tips that you can immediately implement in your own business and life, Shannon and Sarah also discuss the expectations and perceptions that often come from what we share with our online presence, whether its our personal profile or business profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn, and walking the line between being comfortable with what you share with many people.

The ladies talk through what you choose to keep private drawing on Sarah’s experience with a client who holds very different beliefs on a hot-button issue, and how she chooses to engage with them and keep her own views private with careful curation of her Online presence.

So, what expectations is your online presence setting for potential customers who see you online? Enjoy the episode!

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It is your business. You need to be clear about your message.”

“Be proactive and be aware of what is online about you and your business and understand the expectation your ideal client is going to have about what you do and don’t share.”

“Consider how you talk about your customers and suppliers.”

“We all have bad days, pick up the phone and call a trusted friend.”

“If in doubt, leave it out.”

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LOE 051 – Market Like You Mean It w/ Sarah Thomson

Shannon Bush + Sarah Thomson | Effortless Business Events | Market Like You Mean It | Marketing Coach Business Coaching | Live Event Perth

Welcome to episode 051 of Law of Effortlessness featuring Sarah Thomson from Online Social Butterfly. Sarah Thomson established Online Social Butterfly in 2011 and offers dynamic online marketing expertise to business owners. Her most popular topics include marketing in the digital age, social media, and websites.

Sarah brings with her a 15-year background in corporate marketing, spanning multi-nationals, government, not-for-profit and the small business sector in both Sydney and the UK. Her enthusiasm for the industry is currently propelling her through a Master’s degree in Web Communications.

She also finds time to run a taxi service for her sons, who are both competitive swimmers. 

Listen in as Sarah talks about what it’s like to run a business with her husband Grant – how their business evolved from before Instagram and Facebook Ads existed, working to their strengths, how it’s taken time to learn how they work best as a team and get the best performance out of each other.  

Shannon and Sarah also discuss their complimentary marketing services and perspectives – and asking the big question: is Facebook dead? What’s happening with zero reach and putting money into an advertising budget?

Sarah also speaks to an experiment she conducted with Facebook and videos – using a Live video, versus a pre-recorded video versus a link shared from YouTube and the interesting results she found, and how you can use her experiment to get the most out of your video content. Sarah also talks to the fears behind why entrepreneurs frequently decide not to use video, and how she overcame the mindset hurdle – and the ease and flow that comes after the leap.  

Shannon and Sarah also talk about collaborations – how they’ve collaborated together, the lessons they have learned, including if you’re an aligned match, and working in your places of strength.

Shannon and Sarah also share how they have collaborated over the last four years, and most recently for Effortless Business Events. They also share how they made their collaboration one of ease and effortlessness by outsourcing tasks, sharing the workload, being open and upfront with figures, and much more 

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Notable Quotes

“I don’t know how I’m going to get somewhere, but I know where I’m going to go. It will unravel itself as we go.” 

“If you don’t know what to write in your e-mails, pay someone else to do it for you. They can see the gold in what you do.” 

“Before you create anything, be clear about the skillset that you bring, but what does ideal client want and need? sometimes they can be two different things.”  

“Nothing will substitute face-to-face contact with another human being, that’s the reason video is so important.”