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LOE 075 | Leveraging Radio Opportunity w/ Boss Mode Radio Host Julz Pozar & Shannon Bush

LOE Podcast Business MArketing Coach Shannon bush Julz Pozar Boss Mode Radio

075 | The Opportunity to Leverage with Radio

Welcome to episode 075 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your host, #businessyoda and marketing coach, Shannon Bush! Today, Shannon is joined on the show by Marketing for the Bizy Lady Boss Mode Radio Host, Julz Pozar!

Julz is a Perth based Radio Show Host and Brand Marketing Strategist and she supports bizy-ladies with creative, easy to do branding and marketing that is DIY friendly. Shannon and Julz recount how Julz got her start in business with a Perth-based events enterprise seizing the opportunity to specialize in marriage proposals – and the challenges she faced in scaling, overwhelm, and navigating common pitfalls of entrepreneurship. Listen for an in-depth conversation on how Julz narrowed down and nailed her niche. You’ll also hear Shannon and Julz discuss the common mistakes and pitfalls business owners make in their branding.

Shannon also dives into how Julz got started with Boss Mode Radio – and how Julz instantly resonated with the brand and message when she chanced upon their Instagram feed – once again, seizing an opportunity! Stay tuned to hear a delicious discussion on the opportunity Julz has seen in her business and that of her radio show guests as a direct result of being on the radio like:

  • Building a community and growing network
  • Reaching more people and;
  • Opportunity pipelines

Shannon and Julz dive into what makes a great pitch to be a guest, and how Julz finds her guests and what she looks for including:

  • Are they reputable?
  • Researching their content like videos
  • Making sure they’re a great fit
  • Picking a great topic for the show
  • It’s not about who has the most followers

You’ll also hear Shannon and Julz share their perspectives on what separates a good guest from a great guest, and when guests miss the huge opportunity to leverage being on a radio show or podcast. As always, packed with practical actions and tips to make your business effortless!

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“You think you’re failing at the time, but there’s so much learning in it when you let it go and look back.” – Julz

“It’s who I’m meeting in this community and what opportunities or collaborations can come from it.” -Julz

“Listen to some shows before you jump in and pitch, make sure it’s appropriate.” -Shannon

“You can use this opportunity to build trust with your community.” -Julz

“It’s really worthwhile to share your podcast in your newsletters, stories -everywhere. It’s mutually beneficial.” -Julz

Connect with Julz in these places:

Website: www.bizyhub.com.au
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/julzbizybestie/
Instagram: julz_yourbizybestie_au

Connect with Shannon in these places:

Creative Possibility www.creativepossibility.com.au

Thriving Entrepreneur Circle Facebook group for women in business http://bit.ly/tecircle

Email thrive@creativepossibility.com.au with your comments, questions and episode suggestions!

LOE 074 | Recovering from Not Enough w/ Bronwen Sciortino

Law of Effortlessness Podcast Business Marketing Coach Shannon Bush Economy of Not Enough Bronwen Sciortino

074 | Recovering from Not Enough with Bronwen Sciortino and Shannon Bush

Welcome to episode 074 of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast with #businessyoda Shannon Bush and recovering perfectionist Bronwen Sciortino!

Bronwen is an internationally renowned Author, Simplicity Expert and Professional Speaker who spent almost two decades as a high-powered, award-winning executive before experiencing a life-changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question “What if there’s a better way to live?”

Bronwen spends every day teaching people there are other ways to live so they can reduce stress, build resilience and easily make changes in their everyday lives – building to a more meaningful life and improved mental and physical health and wellbeing. Bronwen blogs regularly for global platforms, and has been featured in ‘The Book of Amazing People’, ‘Reboot Your Life – Phoenix Edition’, and ‘Successful Women in Business – Winners Edition’. She is regularly invited as a guest interviewee on blogs, podcasts, radio, Facebook Live, YouTube and member sites situated throughout the world.

Bronwen works with people globally through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment. She shares her secrets to success and inspires individuals to simplify their lives and embrace the concept of an economy of enough.

Tune into this episode to hear how Bronwen began the process of recovery from “Not Enough” – you’ll hear how for four years she woke every day, exhausted and losing the dexterity in her hands to the extent she couldn’t hold a glass – and the incredibly powerful moments that changed her life and now have her sharing these insights, globally – and knowing and believing in her wholeness, that she is enough.

Shannon and Bronwen have a candid discussion on the idea of “Not Enough” including how it shows up in self-talk, and the sometimes shocking way we can unconsciously refer to ourselves – and of course, the small but practical ways we can take steps to begin the process of change. You’ll also hear about the heartwarming, and heartbreaking process of writing her books and a lively chat on why we need to stop following prescription self-help that doesn’t work, and learning who we are, and what works for us.

Stay tuned to the end to hear about a special give away for Thriving Entrepreneur Circle members!

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“Stop this following business – you’re stressed and exhausted. Don’t follow what someone else has done, because it hasn’t been made for you. Find your own answers.” – Bronwen

“Remember, you have decades of training in talking negatively to yourself. This will take time.” – Bronwen

“It’s tiny little steps that will make big changes in your life.” – Bronwen

Connect with Bronwen in these places

Facebook www.facebook.com/bronwensciortinoauthor

Website www.sheiqlife.com

Instagram @bronwensciortino_author

Connect with Shannon in these places:

Creative Possibility www.creativepossibility.com.au

Thriving Entrepreneur Circle Facebook group for women in business http://bit.ly/tecircle

Email thrive@creativepossibility.com.au with your comments, questions and episode suggestions!

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LOE 073 | Thriving Community Leadership w/ Fusion Biz Babe Ashley Matkovic

How Do You Become a Thriving Community Leader?

Welcome to episode 073 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast with #businessyoda Shannon Bush, and Ashley Matkovic from Fusion Biz Babes, all about becoming a Thriving Community Leader!

Ashley Matkovic is the owner of Fusion Biz Babes and creator of The Fusion Membership – a thriving business community for female entrepreneurs in Perth, where friendships and real connection come first. She launched the business in 2016 after feeling disillusioned with the business networking scene, but also strongly believing that connecting with like minded individuals is the key to success. Freedom makes her happy, and Fusion allows her to live life on her terms every day, after quitting her day job to focus solely on the business in 2017.

Shannon and Ashley have an inspiring discussion about how Ashley created such a beautifully connected, thriving community starting with small coffee catch-ups to build her own network, networking tips and finding your people, practicing what you preach, and Ashley’s best tips on building and leading a community.

You’ll hear how after moving to Perth from London, Ashley built Fusion Biz Babes to the point where she was able to quit her day job, including how she financially made it work from the right business model, working with a coach, and more. You’ll also hear Shannon and Ashley talk about what it’s like to host a weekly radio show (which you can listen to on Boss Mode Radio), and how this positively impacts her business.

You’ll hear Ashley’s hardest moments when she started out, and the incredible things she learned from it – and the challenges she faces now and in the near future as she prepares for motherhood and kicking off a mastermind that will bring her back to her reason ‘why’. Shannon and Ashley chat about how to begin building a thriving community, packed as always with practical, easily implementable tips to help you make business easier!

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“You lead the way in how you want members of your community to act.” – Ashley Matkovic

“I’ve been to an event where I haven’t met someone where I haven’t learned something or had a lightbulb moment.” – Ashley Matkovic

“People buy from people, even if you’re buying over the interwebs there is still a person on the other side of that transaction.” – Shannon Bush

“There is more magic in getting into our ‘why’ than we think.” -Shannon Bush

Connect with Ashley in these Cool Places:

Her Website: www.fusionbizbabes.com.au

Facebook: @fusionbizbabes

Instagram @fusionbizbabes

Connect with Shannon in these Places:

Join the Thriving Entrepreneur Facebook group for women entrepreneurs

Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

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LOE 068 | Creating Brand Voice | EBE Take Over w/ Shannon Bush & Sarah Thomson

Effortless Business Events Branding Insights Authentic Marketing Business Coach Shannon Bush Marketing Sarah Thomson Perth Law of Effortlessness Podcast

Creating Brand Voice | Another Effortless Business Events Take Over w/  Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson

Shannon and Sarah are back with another installment of Effortless Business Events take-over of the LOE Podcast, talking on this episode all about your brand voice.

Shannon and Sarah reassure us that we do not have to be singers in our business, to have a consistent and authentic brand voice – but we do need to be aware of what it is, as part of our branding identity. Sarah offers a great example of how tone and voice changes depending on the audience with her academic writing, compared to her less formal, business blogs and presentations – taking into consideration the expectations of the audience, and the goal of the communication. Shannon and Sarah also discuss how our personal brand voice changes when we talk to colleagues, children, and how our brand voice is a reflection of who we are at our most authentic, in slightly different iterations.

Is it time for a Branding Health Check?

Shannon shares how this also applies to employees in your business, or if you have anyone who represents your business in any way and how applying guidelines and boundaries will assist your employees (virtual or otherwise) to ensure that your brand voice is consistent, genuine and authentic.

As always, Shannon and Sarah share their best simple, effortless and practical tips to support your brand voice is consistent, genuine and authentic by asking your target market for their input (and who not to ask for feedback) and knowing what impact you want to have with your brand.

Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“Your tone and voice are what you communicate to your audience that is not the actual words that come out of your mouth.”

“If you’re trying to be something you’re not, you will have to work very hard at it because it’s not your natural style.”

“Your tone and voice must be genuine, consistent and authentic.”

“We underestimate how much things can evolve and change in just six months.”

Connect with Sarah Thomson in these places

Online Social Butterfly



Find out More About Effortless Business Events and the Digital Marketing Event in Perth in October 2018 (early bird tickets on sale until end August only!):



Connect with Shannon in these places

Join the Thriving Entrepreneur Facebook group for women entrepreneurs

Her Facebook business page and on Instagram

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