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LOE 025 – Power of Self Value with Laura Elkaslassy | Podcast

LOE 025 The Power of Self Value _ Laura Elkaslassy Women and Money | Business Coach Perth

In episode 25 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, host Shannon Bush discusses the power of self value with Laura Elkaslassy, Profit Pioneer from Adroit Business Solutions. This second of 4 weeks of powerful conversations in celebration of International Women’s Day is powerful and not to be missed.

They talk all things Profit First and how it’s a cash management system and a way of setting up your business accounts to focus on profit and ensuing there is ample funds to cover business expenses, taxes and more.

Laura and Shannon ask some hard-hitting questions that make you really look at how you do things in your business.

What is your end goal in your business?
Is it just to get by?
Do you want more from your business?

Shannon and Laura challenge you to love your money. Make it work for you.

Listen in and be inspired to look at the way you do things and see if you can do them more effortlessly. You will not be disappointed.

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Notable Quotes

‘Profit in business is often an after thought for so many people’

‘Profit First is a cash management system, it’s a way of setting up your business accounts. Revenue minus profit equals what’s left for your expenses. It’s a way of controlling how much you spend.’

‘Do your systems support your goals or are they stopping you from achieving these goals?’

‘What’s your end game for your business? This is something that females in particular don’t think about in their business.’

‘Its about time we actually own how amazing we are at what we do, and how much we have to offer the world. And part of that is being paid for what you are offering, whether its that exchange or expertise. And then treating and loving your money the right way. Its self love, it really is because how awful does it feel when your money is out of control and you don’t actually know whats going on, you feel stressed, you feel that lack mindset as well, and what are you teaching your children or your partner or your friends?’

‘Fall in love with your money’