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Artful Business Conference Wisdom #1 – Busting Pricing Myths

I’m currently in sunny Brisbane on Australia’s East Coast attending The Artful Business Conference.  This first ever event for creative business owners has at Artful Biz Conference the end of day 1 offered an incredible array of inspiring and wisdom filled insights from the speakers from both Australia and the US.  I will in time attempt to process everything I have learnt and been reminded of so as to share my take-aways with you from this ground-breaking event.  Today I wanted to share what I believe was the first profound moment for me from today

This little bit of magic came courtesy of awesome jewellery designer and profit goddess Megan Auman (find out more about Megan’s business support here: http://designinganmba.com/pricing-for-profit/)

You are not your customers so don’t worry if you can’t afford your prices!

Why did this call out to me?

Because I’ve heard it as an excuse from many clients.  I’ve heard it from people I meet at networking events.  I have even heard myself say it when it comes to pricing goods and services.  I think it’s safe to say that for many business owners, particularly those who make creative products or those who are doing what they love and something that comes easy to them, find it challenging to ask and expect to be paid well for what they do or sell!

Why is it such a challenge to price something?  Why shouldn’t you value what you create enough to ask and expect to be rewarded well for it financially?  You should!

Megan shared a lot of wonderful content focused around her great passion of pricing for profit and even though she shared many different formulas that could have had the potential to leave the real right brainers in the room today feeling very puzzled I found her presentation fresh and empowering.  It’s simple really.  When it comes to pricing there are lots of myths to bust, potentially a lot of limiting beliefs to eliminate, but most of all it comes down to ensuring you factor profit into all your pricing!  that’s right…. PROFIT!

So my challenge to you this week is to look at your prices for everything you sell – all goods and services – and starting one at a time check to see how you’ve factored in profit.  Bet you haven’t.  Don’t worry… I’m off to review mine too (as soon as I get home)

Signing off from The Artful Business Conference with a promise to share more soon

Wishing you succulent, effortless success,