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LOE 023 Part 2 – Magnetic Me | Personal Leadership Insights | Podcast

Law of Effortlessness Podcast | Personal Leadership Archetypes | Episode 23 part 2 | Business Coach Perth | Women's Strengths

In Part 2 of Episode 023 of Law of Effortlessness Podcast, Shannon reveals the remaining archetypes in her Personal Leadership Style framework and she also talks about her new program ‘Magnetic Me’. You can listen to Part 1 of Episode 023 here.

Shannon delves into the final 6 Archetypes which are revealed in this episode: Mother Nurturer, Networker Connector, Pioneer Seeker, Queen Ruler, Shapeshifter Alchemist, and Visionary Creator.

Discover what these ladies’ key messages and what their key questions are. Knowing your archetypes opens you up to a whole new way of existing in the world. A way driven by your strengths and a way that gives you permission to be who you truly are.

Shannon shares an overview of her new ‘Magnetic Me’ program which focuses on unlocking your Effortless Success Zone – it taps you into a way to work to your strengths through knowing your Personal Leadership Archetypes.

The ‘Magnetic Me’ program runs over 4 weeks and covers:
Week 1 – Who am I?;
Week 2 – Realising your strengths;
Week 3 – Transform your challenges;
and Week 4 – Permission to be you.

Find out more about Magnetic Me, including detailed information about what’s covered in each week’s live content call here

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Notable Quotes

Mother Nurturer:
‘Key message: To self nurture first and to grow and be open.’
‘Key Question: Where am I not nurturing myself?’

Networker Connector:
‘Key message: Has a mission that centres on bringing others together to connect and grow’
‘Key Question: Where am I not feeling connected?’

Pioneer Seeker:
‘Key message: To look within for the treasures as she takes a transformational journey or rite of passage from innocent maiden to mature and powerful woman’
‘Key Question: What do I already know and have that is a treasure?’

Queen Ruler:
‘Key message: Ruler-ship with generous compassion’
‘Key Question: Where am I feeling threatened? Why am I feeling threatened?’

Shapeshifter Alchemist:
‘Key message: Your greatest power comes in being you’
‘Key Question: How can I allow myself to been seen or visible?’

Visionary Creator:
‘Key Message: Visioning and actioning creative possibility’
‘Key Question: Where am I not expressing myself?’

The Advocate Rescuer

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Advocate Rescuer is to be ‘a voice for all equally’

Advocate Rescuer Created by Shannon BushKey innate strengths of the Advocate Rescuer are

  • A fierce drive to serve humanity with humility you can teach others how to effortlessly drop ego driven prejudices and judgements with your capacity to help those others may simply ignore
  • You have a unique, almost magical way of inspiring others to put compassion into action
  • Provide strength and support to others in crisis
  • You act out of love with no expectation of reward
  • Embody a life long quest and devotion to championing the rights of others and a passion to transform social justices, driven by a genuine compassion for the human race and the world itself and all her inhabitants
  • You are dedicated to inspiring and empowering groups and causes
  • Take action! You do not sit around talking about what you could do, but instead you are the one getting out there in the world walking your talk, guiding others to support your quest and inspiring them through your dedication, compassion and unique ability to see the good in all
  • Possess an essence of youth and an inner beauty that comes with gentleness of heart and genuine desire to bring out purity and self love in all
  • Your gift of compassion means you have the ability to listen deeply and allow others and yourself the space needed to go through whatever needs to be experienced and to feel whatever needs to be felt in a loving, supportive, even healing way
  • You have a natural ability to heal and can hear the cries of many before taking action to resolve their pain


The Liberator Engineer

Liberator Engineer

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Liberator Engineer is ‘breakdown the old and build the new’ Liberator Engineer

Your key innate strengths are

  • You are very in touch with all extremes of emotion and not afraid to show these extremes even though this may challenge others in a big way – you always mean well and being demonstrative is just you!
  • You are passionate and inspiring in every element of your existence
  • You naturally draw others to you with your ability to see opportunity in everything and to create a-new, no matter the situation at hand
  • You are here to serve others on a big level, showing the way forward and out of the darkness to those who have lost the ability to shine their own lights from these dark places
  • Very in touch with bodily sensations and are generally fully aware of your own sexuality, combining that power with your passionate fiery nature to express divine beauty in the world
  • You are able to direct your passionate fiery energy into creating the new for yourself and others in a supportive, non threatening, embracing way
  • You know when to use your incredible power and you are aware of the appropriate time to do so
  • You know you can be intimidating but rather than using this to your powerful advantage you use it to welcome others into your life in a safe way, showing them that you can help them to challenge their demons and find truth in their own light


10 Empowering Reasons To Put Yourself First (Bonus Downloadable Wallchart Included)

I am always so inspired by the moment that someone I am meeting for the first time puts their hand up to say

“I’m not going to do this any more – I deserve more for me!”

and decides there and then that they are going to take back control and lead their lives – that’s personal leadership and that’s why I do what I do – for those moments

It makes me believe in the human spirit, in all things Creative Possibility and in myself and my commitment to lead by example

How often have you stopped to reflect on how much you are really giving to yourself that is loving, nurturing and freeing?

Over the past few weeks I have had some really interesting experiences with a number of clients and have seen a big shift in their self commitment.  This has left me feeling elated.  Why?  Just over a week ago I shared the above message on my Facebook page which possibly gives some insight

Today I want to expand on this further by sharing 10 empowering reason’s why I think you need to put yourself first and with that I hope to inspire you to put yourself first (and yes, as always I am committed to leading by example so I am doing my bit and taking my own advice!)

Right at the end of the list you’ll find a wall chart that you can download and print to keep as a reminder of why it’s important to put yourself first.  There’s a few extra spaces so you can add your own reason’s too because there is great inner power in self inspiration

10 Empowering Reasons To Put Yourself First

1. When you do others will too
2. You deserve the very best of everything and putting yourself first is an act of self belief
3. The world deserves the very best, bright, shining, loving version of you today and every day
4. Life is limitless when you put yourself first
5. You get to call the shots and be the leader of your journey
6. Life is what you make it and putting yourself first shows you that you are worth it
7. Choices and the actions that follow speak louder than words (what are you saying?)
8. Being a little selfish is actually healthy for you
9. Doing so shows others how to do the same (so they can benefit from all the positive abundance that comes with doing so too)
10. When you do show yourself unconditional love all that creates more abundance, joy, love and effortless success in your life

Download your free Put Myself First Creative Possibility Wall Chart

It’s written in the first person so if you dare to read it out loud, even really quietly, you are affirming more of you and that’s Creative Possibility in action and that’s limitless!



Who Are You? Overcoming Identity Confusion Part 1

Who are you?  Is this a question that sends you into a flat spin, leaves you with a blank expression or fills your head with an overwhelming number of possibilities?

Knowing who you are is one of the most interesting journey’s you can take in life.  It has the potential to be filled with discovery and wonder, curiosity and amazement, purpose and potential and yet as a question “Who are you?” or more to the point “Who am I?” is referred to regularly as the one question that leaves a large majority of people feeling confused and challenged on a daily basis

Recently I’ve been working with a new set of clients and while their challenges have been varied, the primary root cause underlying their frustrations and limitations has been confusion.  Specifically self confusion which I see as potential identity crisis.  This topic has come up so often that I wanted to share with you a little about identity, identity confusion and how to overcome it over the course of December

First up let’s take a look at the first question to ask ourselves.  “What is identity?”

Identity is the underlying element of who we are.  It’s how we define ourselves – our sense of self.  It is also how others define us – and may, particularly in relation to business be described using words such as brand or branding, personal brand or reputation

It is also the sum of all of these things – who we are, our sense of self and how others define us

It is all of the different roles we play – partner, parent, business owner, friend, sibling, speaker, creator, marketing manager, author, student, and employer and so on

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Creating Your Best Self In Times Of Adversity

I don’t know about you but this has been a very challenging year for me on many levels.  My recent time away gave me the opportunity to recognise the many Personal Leadership practices – that I call rituals – that I have embraced that I know have helped me to continue to move forward with a significant dose of optimism and to also continue to work towards one of my great passions, creating my best self

EWBE You As A Leader Presentation July 12

Sure there have been times when it’s all felt too hard and I wanted to give up (on relationships, business, commitments, all sorts of random stuff to be honest!) but then I took stock of what I really felt, wanted, trusted and believed in and put that little foot of mine that wanted to turn and run away forward in front of the other one and kept the momentum moving in what some would say is the ‘right direction’.  I know this movement had a sense of being a forward direction

Only time will tell if it was right or not

What I do know for certain though is that I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way during this time (like speaking at the Every Woman Business Events You As A Leader Seminar in June – image courtesy New Work Photography) and each and every one has been a reminder that taking one step at a time whichever way you move is better than staying still and waiting for life to come to you

What did I do to keep moving forward?  Today I share 3 of my favourite mindset attributes that feed into my Personal Leadership Rituals

1. Self- Reflection

When things are challenging do you look outwards and wonder what’s happening to everyone else or do you look within to see if there is something in yourself you can reflect on with the intention of doing things differently? Reflection provides a powerful opportunity for change and when something’s not working out like you want or need it to then it’s time to make some changes.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So how do you prevent yourself from feeling like you are going mad?  Self-reflect.  Look in the mirror and be honest about what you see and then take action to make things different

2. Self- Flexibility

It’s so common to want to take control when life deals you less than fantastic experiences.  In fact in my experience I’ve noticed that the bigger the issue or challenge the more likely that we want to take control.  I know this all too well as it’s been one of my default behaviours for a long time.  Guess what?  Rigidity and control won’t really get you very far.  Instead work towards adopting self-flexibiity.  I see this as filled with resilience and big picture perspective.  When you can be flexible you are more readily able to go with the flow and respond optimistically to experiences, including thoughts and feelings, that might otherwise knock you off course

3.  Self-Trust

Ok this is one I know I’ve gone on about a lot.  In fact self-trust features as a common opportunity for learning in many of the archetypes that feature as unique leadership styles in my Personal Leadership model.  Self-trust is one of the key corner stones when it comes to creating your best self.  How can you expect to be the best version of you if you don’t trust who you are and what you are doing.  A good way to get acquainted with what it means to trust yourself is to define the term trust.  For me it’s closely linked to self belief, belief and trust go hand in hand.  It also means listening to and following my intuition and taking full responsibility for my part in my experiences

I’d love to know what you rely on or turn to when things are challenging in your world.  Please share your comments below

Until next time, I wish you succulent, effortless success


A Leader? Who Me? Yes YOU!

You may have gathered that leadership is one of my great passions.  Really, personal leadership is, in my opinion and from my observation, the ultimate in empowerment.  Being a leader or taking on a leadership role is not out of your reach.  To be a leader doesn’t mean you have to be getting up in front of large groups of people sharing your message, being the front person in an organisation or taking the reigns of some important, very visible project.  It starts with you being you.  It means that you get to call the shots, stand tall, stride forward with purpose and live your life on your terms.  Now tell me, who doesn’t want to experience that?

Over the past couple of years I have to say that I have developed a very intimate relationship with my inner leader, the best friend to my inner Creative Goddess and I have to say that together they head up my cheer squad, encouraging me, nurturing me, guiding me and inspiring me to live my best life every day

Today I share with you my top 3 tips for getting to know your inner leader;

1. Own Your Leadership Potential
So often I meet women who just don’t see themselves as leaders.  We all have leadership potential.  We all have the potential to be truly, authentically empowered.  Look around and see who you inspire.  To those people you are a leader so start seeing yourself as one and own your leadership potential

2. Boldly Express Who You Really Are
Whilst I have been hosting the Empower Hour Series one thing I have heard time and time again is that it is so important that we are not afraid of showing the world who we are.  Being a leader means daring to let everyone see the real you, all of the time if possible.  Don’t try to be someone else or something that you are not

3. Do 1 Thing Every Day To Connect With Your Inner Leader
Set an intention daily to do 1 thing each and every day to connect with your inner leader.  She really does want you to notice her!  (really she does…) It doesn’t have to be a big time consuming thing.  It could be something as simple as asking her what she’d do if you’re faced with a decision or challenge.  The just let yourself be still and quiet for a moment and see what she guidance she has to offer

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article a much as I did creating it for you!  please share your thoughts, questions and a-ha’s below

To find out how you can achieve Effortless Success by building a heartfelt powerful relationship with your inner leader join me at an upcoming Effortless Success Seminar – launching October 2011 in Perth and touring Australia and beyond from late 2012

Leadership Archetypes; A New Empowerment Paradigm For Women


First identified by Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, Archetypes are simply models of people, behaviours and personality.  Jung dedicated a great deal of his professional and personal life to understanding human nature and in particular the ‘Collective Unconscious’.  It was within this collective unconscious, a deep part of our unconscious mind (the ‘subconscious’ as it’s also referred to) that he believed a range of different archetypes existed.  The collective unconscious is where, through connection with our individual archetypes, we can embody an inherited, universal set of standards and beliefs

When mapped back to the myth and stories that have existed since the begining of time, such as the myth and stories of Gods and Goddesses from around the world, archetypes provide us with a powerful way to understand ourselves, how we function and grow, how we build and maintain relationships and best of all how can be our brilliant selves with ease simply by knowing our innate strengths and integrating all aspects of what makes us who we are.  Archetypes provide us with an illuminating and enlightening way to know and express who we really are

Never before has there been a model that focuses on the significance of leadership archeytpes.  Following years of experience working with archetypes and deep, soulful in-depth observation of what makes a woman take ownership and step up as the leader of her life, Shannon brings you a unique, fun, exciting opportunity to know yourself better than you ever thought possible.  With that knowing and Shannon’s expert guidance you’ll discover a framework for leveraging your personal innate archetypal strengths so that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible with great ease, free-flowing freedom, personal satisfaction and pure joy

Join Shannon at an upcoming Effortless Success Seminar and discover how you can unleash the power of your Leadership Archetypes