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LOE 035 Blending Business With Life w/ Teressa Fisk | Podcast

LOE 035 Blending Business with Life | Teressa Fisk Shannon Bush Podcast Business Coaching

In Episode 035 of Law of Effortlessness, your host, Shannon Bush talk with Business and Lifestyle Mentor, Teressa Fisk about blending business with life.

Teressa shares very openly about her journey in her business and the ups and downs she has had and how she has blended her business with her life. The blending business with life journey is different for everyone.  Teressa has worked with many other business owners to help them create their own version of blending business with life.

Has your business taken a different turn that what you expected it would? Listen in to the advice Teressa has for you.

Shannon and Teressa discuss some practical steps to making the blend of life and business happen.

Can you put some of these suggestions in your day and life? How would your business grow if you took some time for yourself and looked at blend over balance perhaps? There is some great practical wisdom you can implement today to make the blending of business and life a little better and easier.

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Her website, Facebook page, Facebook group, her podcast – Holistic Business Lounge, Twitter

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“If you have an amazing and gut feeling and believe in what you want to do, just take those steps to go for it”

“Look at your day. Work out some new rituals. Block out an hour and do something you love doing.”

“We don’t have enough play in our life.”

“Listen to yourself. Just be and see what comes up for you.”