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092 | Visionary Creator | The Thrive Factor Book Series

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Welcome to Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your Amazon-Best-Selling-Author and #businessyoda in chief, Shannon Bush who today, will introduce you to the Visionary Creator Thrive Factor Archetype.

So, who is the Visionary Creator?

She’s able to see all that’s possible – seeing the potential that an Inspirer Believer can see in others and take it forwards into what truly is possible with clear messages and insights. One of the challenges with Visionary Creators is being able to see far, so far in advance that can send others into a state of overwhelming. Shannon shares what she has experienced in working with her clients, including how she’s used this innate talent for her own business and mindset. Shannon also shares the frustration with being patient and allowing for some parts of the vision to unfold.

We’re joined first by fellow Visionary Creator Caroline Smith from Jackadder Business Consulting. Caroline shares how she had an inkling when she was first introduced to Shannon’s work, but it wasn’t until she had a profiling session and held the Thrive Factor Book in her hands that she burst into tears and realized how powerful this side of herself truly is.

Caroline is also an Inspirer Believer, Mentor Teacher, and Mediator Diplomat. Caroline shares how she’s able to see how things can progress and be better in the long term which comes in very handy with the work she does with businesses.

We’re joined lastly by Emma Pointon – the final Thrive Factor interview, and the second Visionary Creator!

Emma first discovered her archetypes after meeting Shannon at the 2017 Artful Business Conference in Brisbane where she met Shannon and then participated in Market to Thrive (twice!) and discovered her other archetypes as Mentor Teacher, Shape Shifter Alchemist, Heroine Adventurer, and Inspirer Believer. Emma automatically wants to solve a problem when its put before her, and for a time she struggled with it being too masculine but has come to love this part of her and has set boundaries with her friends, noticing that often being able to see so far ahead caused friction.

Pearls of Wisdom

“People don’t accept that you can good at math and English and art as well.” – Caroline Smith

“The Visionary and the Creator are two parts of me that need expression.” – Caroline Smith

“Don’t ignore her, it’s amazing how much life deteriorates if you aren’t doing creative or strategic thinking.” – Caroline Smith

“I am the conduit between now and the future.” – Caroline Smith

“I’m in the intellectual space that people often pigeon me in.” – Emma Pointon

“Getting stuck in my head and it getting cluttered is a big challenge. I have to take more self- care.” – Emma Pointon

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LOE 050 The Power of Potential w/ Ricci-Jane Adams and Laura Elkaslassy

LOE 050 The Power of Potential with Ricci Jane Adams and Laura Elkaslassy Business Coach Marketing | Excellence Collective

Welcome to episode 50 of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast.

In this special International Women’s Day 2018 episode, Shannon is joined by Laura Elkaslassy, #ProfitPioneer, money mentor and founder of Adroit Business, and Ricci-Jane Adams, intuition expert and founder of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Together this powerful duo live up to the power of their potential through their collaboration, The Excellence Collective.

They achieve this by supporting women to meet their entrepreneurial magnitude through exceptional immersive events designed to exponentially increase the entrepreneurial woman’s power to serve on her chosen path. Tune in as they discuss making money on the path to service, easily and gracefully and understanding the power of stepping out of routine to magnify their power, and entrepreneurial magnitude.

Listen in to this episode to hear about the magic moment Laura and Ricci-Jane met, and how together they helped each other meet their fears and ask, “What else is possible?”

You’ll learn more about the opportunity of The Excellence Collective in Tuscany, Italy (at which Shannon is a guest presenter), trusting your intuition, how the Law of Effortlessness shows up, and the science behind immersing yourself in a new environment to open new ideas, creativity, and possibility and effortlessness into your business and life. This is a not to be missed episode.

Happy International Women’s Day 2018! This episode, in honour of all women in business, will knock your socks off in the most inspiring way.

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Notable Quotes & Pearls Of Wisdom

“It’s about women not following a cookie-cutter version of what success looks like.”

“How do you bring the adventure back to this entrepreneurial path?”

“If something is feeling easy and blessed, trust that!”

“We have figured out how to make money, and how to meet our fears of money.”

The Visionary Creator

Visionary Creator

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Visionary Creator is ‘visioning and actioning creative possibility’ Visionary Creator

Your key innate strengths are

  • You have a capacity to envision what is not yet seen or conceivable to others and you inspire others to see life symbolically, metaphorically
  • You have an ancient wisdom, ability to know, see and experience things you cannot or should not be able to explain
  • You are a known guide, leader of and for others and you can be comfortable in the boardroom or taking charge in any situation in work or life
  • You have an incredible wealth of knowledge and see the accumulation of wealth to be the utmost importance in life, a sign you have everything you need
  • You can be quiet and express an unassuming sense of power that can, to others who don’t know you, seem arrogant or make you appear aloof
  • While you might not lead the battles in your life, once they’ve been initiated you’ll use your natural gift for strategy to steer your team or side to success, no matter the cost
  • You believe in fairness and can be judging of those you don’t feel live up to your ideals and high standards.  This can, though, encourage and inspire others to be their best and express their innate potential
  • You have a gift for words, both verbal and written and can be comfortable teaching, writing or even on stage
  • Can have unique creative skill, artistic and otherwise, in fact can display a compulsion for creating, birthing and bringing visions to life
  • You are a natural strategist and analyst
  • You can make visible the possibilities, opportunities, potential in and for others in a way that others find challenging – you can also see all sides of the story, both pros and cons, positives and negatives and communicate these to those who need to hear them, most often without bias or personal connection to the outcome
  • You have a keen ability to imagine possibilities beyond the known, particularly large scale ones beyond the realm of the regular individual and ones that will, if executed benefit all of society, or a society

Want to discover your Personal Leadership type?  Book a profiling session here

Creative Flow: An Untapped Business Advantage

I was recently asked to write an article for an on-line business magazine, PurplCreative Flow - Creative Possibilitye Rocket Power Magazine.  With a background in Arts Therapy and with a passion for incorporating creativity into my leadership training and business coaching programs the magazine editors were keen for me to share something related to creativity and how it can be an asset in business

I shared an overview of something I believe is essential to creating effortless success in life and business, creative flow.  I share the six steps to achieving creative flow (which you can see in the diagram to the right.) Below is a brief snapshot of some of what I covered in the introduction to the article ‘The Effortless ART of Business: 6 Steps To Embracing Creative Flow’;

Whether you know it or not you are creative.  As a business owner you are in a very powerful position at this current time.  The world is changing and looking for new ways to do things.  There is more emphasis on the benefits of creative thinking, of innovation in business and the right brained thoughts and actions that have struggled to hold their own – to find credibility in the traditional left brained business world are standing their ground and being recognised as valuable keys to future success.

Is it possible to take advantage of all this right brained opportunity flowing around when the mere mention of the word creative or the thought of being creative makes you want to run away?  Yes it is!  With just a few steps you can embrace the greatest benefit of creative expression, something called creative flow Continue reading

Calling All Visionary Creators… It is Your Time to Shine

Do you feel compelled to create, time and time again?

Has your life been about big visions and bold goals?

If I were to ask you to describe your personal leadership style – the way you express yourself in your life, your business, your career – would you respond with a colourful, bright description of how you’re going to fulfilling some great quest, be the first at something, infuse colour and creativity into everything you do and also help many many people along the way?

A Visionary Creator is one of the most common primary leadership archetypes expressed by entrepreneurial women.  Visionary women.  Women who thrive on creating.  Women who create in a big, bold, brightly coloured way.  Women who have a determination and passion that is big….. really big.  They see the potential in absolutely everything and they love the thrill of the journey to bring their dreams to reality

As a leader, a Visionary Creator is the one with all the ideas.  She’s key to your team’s success if you’re all about doing things in new, different ways.  Her natural expression is grounded in clear-sighted vision, creativity, innovation and fun.  She generally see’s things before anyone else and is often considered a real pioneer, the one who goes first, who leads the way for others across new terrain, navigating intersting, challenging landscapes with a refreshing, beautiful approach

Want to know if you really are a Visionary Creator and how to leverage your natural strengths to create Effortless Success?  Join me at an upcoming seminar, launching locally in October 2011