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It’s great to be back sharing more on my thoughts about the problems with your small business marketing.  Over the last few weeks I have shared with you my ideas as to the top 5 things as a small business owner you are doing that are creating problems for you in your marketing.

They were

1.  You Are Overwhelming Your Audience (and yourself)

2.  You Are Spreading Your Message Too Thin

3.  You Aren’t Targeting Your Message To Your Ideal Client

4.  You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

5.  You Are Making It Too Hard For Anyone To Take Action

In today’s article I’m going to dig deep to explain the third of these problems and to explain how you aren’t targeting your message the right way to connect with your ideal clients.

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How To Target Your Message To Your Ideal Client

First up let’s refresh the topic of your ideal client. I am never surprised by how many business owners I meet who think they have this sorted but are still way off the mark.

As I shared in my last post my motto is one targeted message per market! You really need to understand your ideal client so you can craft a very specific detailed message for them.

You want to aim to know your ideal client intimately. You want to understand what they are thinking before they think it. It might sound impossible but it doesn’t have to be. One of the early lessons in my Thriving Entrepreneur Business Building and Marketing Program for small business owners goes through exactly how to identify your ideal client.

Here are a few things to consider;

  1. Start with a physical description; age, education, financial status, marital status, interests, family structure, employment status, what do they “look” like, etc
  2. Define their emotional landscape or emotional profile; what are their key concerns? What keeps them awake at night? What causes them stress and worry? This step is about identifying your ideal client or prospects hot buttons – the things you can help them solve!
  3. Who is the key influencer and decision maker? Understanding who these people are is essential. They may be the same person, or different people. They will be your allies or your barriers to your prospect purchasing
  4. Identify the wants not the needs; prospects invest in what they want, not what they need. This point is tied closely to an individual’s emotional profile. You need to be able to clearly understand the emotional pull driving the investment. An example I worked through with a client recently involved families purchasing a new home. They don’t want to be ripped off or taken advantage of so this creates an emotion of wariness or mistrust, often based on past experience or what the influencers in their lives have shared. How could you overcome that concern and create the new emotions of peace of mind and trust?
  5. What are your passions? Your strengths? The things you do really well? These are the solutions you can offer your ideal client or prospect!
  6. Look at your current clients and use the information you know about the ones you love to work with (we call them your raving fans!) and let that help you craft a detailed profile

Now let’s get back to your message. Targeted means focused and explicit.

It means succinct and directed.

A targeted message speaks directly to it’s intended recipient.

Much like the examples I gave you in the last post, being too generic, or too vanilla, won’t tell those people looking for what you have to offer that you can help them so they won’t invest in what you are offering.

Let’s look at a few examples by looking at a couple of industries, the concerns of their prospects and targeted messages that can address those concerns (their wants) directly;

Dentist Office

  • Lengthy wait time
  • Too much paperwork

We over come this with a targeted message that states “in our practice we value your time and guarantee that your wait time will be no longer than 15 minutes” or “to save you from completing a tonne of paperwork when you arrive you can now complete this ahead of time on-line in our secure system.”

Car Mechanic

  • Vehicle repairs carried out are not necessary
  • Price exceeds estimate

We overcome this with a targeted message that states “we call you prior to commencing any unquoted repairs and will not carry out work without your permission “ and “our fixed price quotes ensure you know exactly what the labour costs are for your service and repairs”

Now try this for yourself. Write out a few different concerns your ideal clients have after reviewing the points above. What are their emotional hot buttons? Their wants?

What do you offer that solves these things?

How can you honestly address those hot buttons and articulate that in your message?

Lastly remember this….

All prospects today want to feel special.

They want to feel as though they’re dealing with the expert that can help them solve their problems, concerns and frustrations once and for all.

They want a business that stands out from everyone else. (To understand this more I can highly recommend you read “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin! Hear an interview with Seth here)

They want a business that’s unique, understands them, caters to them, offers them extraordinary value and clearly communicates to them the uniqueness and value they will receive.

Time to get targeting!

Until next time I wish you abundant, effortless success

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p.s. if you have any questions about this article be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it for you!

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