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Award winning coach Shannon Bush is a master at supporting you to accelerate your results.  Read these business coaching and consulting testimonials from her small business clients who come from a diverse range of industries.

Watch a video testimonial from Sarah Thomson : Online Social Butterfly here

Small Business Coaching

[testimonial name=”Michelle Finerty” style=”purple” company=”Dynasty Conveyancing, Perth WA, Client since 2014″]”Shannon, your impact has been tremendous.  As a business coach you have helped me focus on my plan, prioritise my activities and become more efficient making you the best small business coach for me.  From a personal coaching perspective you have been a fantastic sounding board and you have helped me understand issues from many different perspectives.  You also have a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart where it can be solved.  You have gently pushed me when I needed it most and that has made a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life.  For that I sincerely thank you.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Sarah Thomson” style=”blue” company=”Online Social Butterfly, Professional Marketer, Client since 2014″]”I have been working with Shannon for the past 3 months and the transformations I have experienced in my life have been huge. In that time, my business and life have flourished. I have achieved things I have been trying to do for almost 2 years and I feel like I am working less but earning more but more importantly, I am feeling that there is a better balance in my life. I cannot recommend Shannon highly enough for anyone who is considering a small business coach. Shannon has enabled me to achieve some big goals in both my business and personal life.  She is immensely talented and her coaching and mentoring abilities are second to none. Taking her on as my coach has been one of the best decisions I have made since starting business. www.onlinesocialbutterfly.com.au“[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Dayna Howard” style=”green” company=”Sorted Space, Professional Organiser, Client 2014″]”I first met Shannon from Creative Possibility when I attended one of her workshops in February 2014. I knew very quickly that she was the kind of coach I had been looking for to move my business to the next level and turn my ideas into a reality.Working with Shannon has given me the confidence and self belief to work towards achieving goals I either didn’t think were possible at all, or at least not possible in such a short time frame. I have learned to embrace my natural archetypes and strengths and use them to my advantage in my business as a Professional Organiser.  If you are STUCK in your business and not sure how to get going and move things to the next level, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Shannon. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she has been invaluable to not only my business, but to me personally too. www.sortedspace.com.au“[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Jay Wong” style=”blue” company=”Xyber Solutions, Client 2014″]“Since I began working with Shannon a few months ago there have been some significant changes in my life and business both for myself and my team.  To summarise I would say that I am now making a point *not* to work on weekends, and spending at least 1 day, (Sunday usually) with my other half doing “family things” which is important to me.I have changed my mindset on fees for consulting, and taking the initiative to put in chargeable time, when I’ve been doing everything for free in the past.I was able to bring another team member into the equation, giving him the option to speak up and voice any concerns he may have to a third party instead of directly to myself (as his superior).  This has given him the assurance that we are here to stay and he will be growing with us in the years to come.  We have been learning and improving how to structure our internal communications and processes to work more efficiently and it’s working.  I have been able to finish work before midnight, as opposed to 3-4am previously, which makes a positive impact on my day and my ability to lead my business and support my clients. I have additional confidence in what we are doing, knowing we are on the right track.  We’ve also taken better care of ourselves by doing things like eating correctly and on time during working hours so we can better focus and be more productive. www.xybersolutions.com.au” [/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Brian R. King” style=”yellow” company=”International Speaker And Communication Specialist, Illinois, USA, Client 2013″]”Shannon Bush is an absolute joy to work with. She’s like a seasoned professional and a caring big sister wrapped into one.  She has a gift for providing laser focused guidance that helps you improve both your personal and professional life immediately.  There have been times where I was exhausted after a long day but then I spoke to Shannon and found myself so energized I hardly knew what to do with it all.  She’s Awesome.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Carmel Murphy” style=”green” company=”The Communication Queen, Perth WA, Client 2011″]”Shannon is an amazing coach with insights that go far beyond expectation.  I have done work with Shannon on my business and the depth of understanding and results in how I now do things has been amazing. Shannon has an uncanny knack for getting to the specifics so that you can see the step by step you need to get to where you want to be.Shannon’s down to earth business savvy and her strong creative side make her a very unique and powerful coach. I would recommend Shannon as a business coach, mentor and also as a personal coach.I have also completed Shannon’s Personal Leadership Mastery training and loved the experience because it bought a whole new dimension to my understanding of my strengths in life and in business. I feel confident to now use my strengths to their maximum potential to do and achieve what I want in life and business. Shannon has expertly guided me in areas I previously did not dare venture and I am excited about the results I know I will achieve.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Rachael Scott” style=”yellow” company=”Lifeflow Integrated Health And Wellness Therapies”]”Shannon takes the time to truly get to know you not only as a client but as an individual full of amazing potential. Shannon’s passion and creative nature allows you to realise and release that amazing potential, benefiting not only yourself but all those you come in contact with.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Nicky Tillyer” style=”blue” company=”Artful Genius, Melbourne, Client 2011″]”Before I began working with Shannon I was unstructured, confused and despondent as my business ideas that seemed such a perfect fit for my passions were simply not enough to propel me into action. Shannon has helped me to gain clarity over my goals and business vision, and most importantly gave me the encouragement and accountability that I need to make my dreams a reality. Each fortnight I can feel the possibility of making my income from my passion becoming a reality as we set new goals and work through existing blocks as Shannon dips into her toolbox of strategies to help me realise my vision. In the short time we have been working together a few of the big changes I have experienced are to finally release an old business name that held negative energy, discovered a new name that really captures what I hope to achieve in the world, formulated a brilliant sales page and made great progress towards developing a product path. I can’t thank her enough for her encouragement, insights and firm pressure to expect more from myself – and deliver”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Myola Violet” style=”green” company=”Meditations With The Feminine, Client 2011″]”Before I began working with Shannon I was lacking in focus and energy, I had a dream to have more time with my family and create a business with my talents and gifts and really had no time to spend creating the life I wanted. During our time together I received clear direction with purposeful processes to gain powerful insights, praise and acknowledgement. I notice that Shannon uses her wealth of knowledge and skills married with finely attuned intuition to really name and ask those delving questions that get to the core of what is going on. As a result I have more energy, I have made committed steps to creating my own business venture.  My advice for those thinking of working with Shannon is You are worth it! Your inspirations and your dreams, deserve to be your reality so go for it”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Heather Robbins” style=”red” company=”Red Images Fine Photography, Client 2009 – 2014″]”Before working with Shannon I was working solidly on my own freelance photography business. I was regularly achieving goals and making great progress but strangely, and at the same time, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and unable to relax in my free time, causing me great stress. By working with Shannon I have gained a greater understanding and clarity and as a result of what I have learned about myself I have a new sense of self acceptance and confidence. I feel confident that I am making far more authentic decisions on a daily basis. I also have the confidence to look back on each day and recognise when I have tried my best and celebrate that.  The business is growing and working with Shannon and her coaching sessions brighten my otherwise very busy and solitary work life and have given me the time to look back on my achievements as well as to identify the things I need to change. My advice for those thinking of working with a coach is choose wisely. I was so fortunate to find Shannon and it took me quite sometime to find the right coach. As soon as I met Shannon I felt the “click”, I knew I had found the best small business coach for me. Once you get that, do not delay. If anything holds you back from commencing such an exciting venture as working with a coach, make sure what holds you back is not driven by fear or a sense of lack and scarcity.  If you are passionate about your business you WILL make it.”[/testimonial]


Group Coaching For Small Business

[testimonial name=”Amanda Battle” style=”green” company=”Soul Coast Yoga, Specialist Yoga and SUP Yoga Teacher”]”After completing this program with Shannon I feel more committed to my business and achieving my goals.  I am more expanded and open to knowing I am on the right path to success.  I am willing to look at the finer details of the day to day running of the business ultimately leading me to achieving my goals and I am more confident in what I do, the value it offers and owning it.  We only launched in October 2014 and already have a thriving business with an amazing team of specialist teachers and I’m proud that we are the only yoga studio in Rockingham. www.soulcoastyoga.com.au“[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Sandra Searle” style=”purple” company=”Elvi Design, Bridal Designer”]”Before I started working with Shannon I was looking for guidance because being your own boss can be hard.  This program has allowed me to take time and create meaningful goals which I successfully completed during the program.  I know have the confidence to go forward and grow my business.  www.elvidesign.com.au. “[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Tania Giorgetta” style=”blue” company=”Seasons Online”]”The small business coaching program with Shannon Bush has allowed me to connect with other business owners and learn from Shannon’s expertise in an interesting and stimulating environment. During the program I learned to stop and take notice of what I was doing on my business as well as in my business.  Being accountable and being aware of what resources are available was so valuable.  Thank you Shannon.  www.seasonsonline.com.au “[/testimonial]

VIP Business Success Coaching Day

[testimonial name=”Laurie Maximilian” style=”green” company=”The Body Transformation Studio, 2015″]”My partner and I did a one day coaching workshop with Shannon in her very uplifting and vibrant office. In just a few hours she was able to help us clarify what wasn’t working well in our business, the path we needed to take to rectify it and then set some big (but very achievable) business and personal goals for the future. Our time with Shannon really helped us to gain real clarity about what we wanted to achieve in all aspects of business and life and exactly what we need to do to achieve them. We left the session feeling motivated and satisfied that we can and will continue to create our dream lifestyle. I highly recommend any business owner, regardless of how long they have been in business, to book a coaching workshop with Shannon – it will pay for itself over and over! www.bodytransformationstudio.com.au “[/testimonial]

Workshop Leadership

[testimonial name=”Anita Peiris” style=”yellow” company=”Founder, WA Special Families, Client 2013″]”Thank you for inspiring my team with the WASF Leaders Retreat.  All attendees both on the Monday  and on line were able to achieve some self nurturing as well as learn a bit about the different types of learning skills we all have which really allowed the team to put some things into perspective and assist with future communication between the leaders.
We reached our goal and that was give the team some time out to focus on themselves.  The team left with tools to continue to follow on with their own goals. Your presentation skills are highly professional and I appreciate the time you put into preparing and presenting.  Thank you.”[/testimonial]

Small Business Coaching

[testimonial name=”Debbie and Ryoka Elton” style=”green” company=”Ripple Retreats”]”Ripple Retreats engaged the services of Shannon Bush from Creative Possibility over the last part of 2014 and the first few months of 2015.  During this time Shannon guided, helped, supported and educated us to create and accomplish several objectives for our business.  This is what we thought a Business Coach would do and we expected to achieve these things.  But Shannon offered much more than that ‘to do’ list success.

Shannon offered knowledge, inspiration and confidence to motivate us to step up to the next level with our business and ourselves.  During our time with Creative Possibility we shared some of our bigger business dreams with Shannon and because of her belief in us, we learned to see them as possibilities not dreams.

We have put these dreams into the ‘to be’ realities on our business time line and we both have confidence that we will achieve them within the next 12 months.

Achieving ‘big dreams’ within 18 months…now that is coaching.  Shannon encouraged, nagged and “bludgeoned” us into seeing and feeling our worth as individuals, as a team and as the business Ripple Retreats, and for us to not ‘play small’, to not hold back in getting our message out, which she continually told us was of a high caliber and worth staying focused on/for.

For ticking the ‘to do’ list we are thankful, but we are more impressed and grateful for the intrinsic confidence and knowledge we imbibed in her company.”   Ripple Retreats[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Tasha Broomhall” style=”blue” company=”Blooming Minds, Perth WA, Client 2010-2011″]”I recommend working with Shannon Bush to any business owners interested in expanding their vision and creativity. Through working with Shannon I have increased confidence and clarity in designing and leading my business. Shannon understands the importance of business being in line with your values and is very insightful in how to create socially responsible enterprise. She gives support, encouragement and very creative ideas.My favourite thing about working with Shannon (and I have worked with a number of business “coaches / strategists”) is that she takes the time to understand my business, what it means to me and the value I wish to provide to my clients. This means that all advice and support is given with these core goals in mind.  This made her the best small business coach for me.Shannon is multi-modal in her support.  She doesn’t give you an idea and then send you off to a copywriter or a designer. She helps you from the point of generating an idea right through the process to executing it. In my experience this is rare and invaluable, because it means that we journey together, with her able to give advice and support along the way. This is a unique element to her support and I sincerely appreciate it. www.bloomingminds.com.au“[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Kylie-Jo Barker” style=”purple” company=”Hope Circle, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor”]”Shannon is a fantastic coach and mentor who believes wholeheartedly in her clients. She goes out of her way to support whatever needs you have or whatever you are trying to achieve. She uses creativity to allow clients to find different solutions to any problems they are having or any outcomes they are trying to achieve in their lives. I have no problem in recommending this talented, caring, authentic and genuine person, Shannon Bush.  If you work with Shannon, you will not be disappointed.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Nicki McKenzie” style=”purple” company=”Transforming Teams, Client 2009 – 2010″]”Shanon’s expertise, creativity and support have been of great assistance to me in bringing clarity to key areas in my business. I recommend Shannon without hesitation to everyone who would like more clarity in their lives, it is very empowering. The journey has only just begun for me as I build and expand my business providing incredible team building opportunities for organisations. In fact, I got so much out of working with Shannon that I invited her to work as a coach and trainer in my business because I knew that she would provide a unique, professional and results oriented service for my clients and their teams.  She is, in my eye, Perth’s best small business coach.”[/testimonial]