The Effortless Success Project Day #1 – Daring Dreams + Visions

Happy New Year!  can you believe that 2014 is actually here?  In some ways it feels like last year would never end and here we are at the end of the first day of the new year.

Late last year I spent some time getting really clear on the 4 key areas that are important for growth.  They revealed themselves to be business / professional growth, wealth growth, expertise growth and personal growth.  After sitting down and determining what I wanted out of 2014 I decided that one of the things I wanted to do was to share more here on my blog.

I then had one of those awesome a-ha moments you get and decided that I would share my experiences, tools, information, resources and all sorts of things during my journey to create increasing effortless success this coming year – effortless success being the result of focusing on the 4 key growth areas for myself and my business.

Today therefore is day #1 of the Effortless Success Project and today I want to share with you a couple of the things I’ve done to set myself up to create an incredible, and the best yet, year for my business and my life.  These actions are related in many ways to all 4 key growth areas (and I promise to tell you more about what they mean in the coming weeks and months).  Enjoy these suggestions and again, Happy New Year!

Wishing you succulent, effortless success

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1. Define 99 Daring Dreams

This action was a take on something I read from Tania Usher, the founder of Dare On-line Magazine.  You can read Tania’s article here for more information but basically she suggested to write out a kind of annual bucket list, and to define 99 dares for yourself for the coming year.  So 2 days ago I sat down and started my list.  I think I am up to about number 56 at the moment so I have some more to add.  I’ve given myself a deadline to have 99 added by the end of January to give myself and my inner dreamer time to get creative with some of the daring dreams I want to achieve for 2014!

Here’s a little bit of inspiration from Tania

“Something extraordinary happens when you stretch beyond your comfort zone.  The world opens up to a whole new perspective.  Things you didn’t think possible, become loved hobbies.  Experiences once feared become passions.  Desires long-forgotten become rekindled.”

So be daring and dare to dream this coming year!


2. Define Your Inspiring Shared Vision

This is an action to take with someone important in your life.  It could be your husband, wife, life partner, business partner or even a friend you want to share important events and experiences with in the coming year.  I sat down with my husband James and together we agreed on 9 words we wanted to describe the kind of year we are going to have in 2014.  Then we wrote a list of all the things we want to do and support each other to do to meet those intentions so that we can end 2014 knowing we’ve felt all those wonderful things.

It is a great opportunity to see where you are both at and to capture a written vision for what you want out of the coming year, putting you both together on the same page so to speak.  If you want to magnify your potential to manifest this vision then you could also create a vision board, or life I did, draw pictures to represent some of the fabulous and exciting things on our list.

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2 thoughts on “The Effortless Success Project Day #1 – Daring Dreams + Visions

  1. Tania Usher

    Excited to hear you’re up to 56 DAREs Shannon 🙂 I’m honoured that you have shared 99 DAREs with your community and look forward to witnessing all your fabulous DAREs coming to life in 2014.

    Here’s to daring together 🙂

    Tania x

    1. Shannon Bush Post author

      Hey Tania!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment – loved your 99 Dares dare (inspiring as always) and am loving the list I am creating. Have already crossed a couple of them off too! not bad for 2 days into the new year.

      Yes, here’s to daring together and daring to dream – big, bold, colourful and effortlessly!
      Hugs to you to
      Shannon x


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