The Effortless Success Project Day #2 – Your Money Funnel

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” Ayn Rand

To achieve what we want in life and business requires growth and learning in key areas.  As I mentioned yesterday those key areas are related to 4 main themes – they are about growth in business or your profession, growth in your expertise, growth within your self and growth in the area of wealth.  To grow your wealth you need to take charge of it.  As this quote from Ayn Rand says, you are the driver and money will not replace you in the drivers seat of your life.

While I don’t define wealth and abundance in terms of just money, the reality is that the world uses money as it’s currency, literally.  With money you are in a better position to do the things you want to do and to contribute or give back to the world in the way you wish.

A few years ago I completed a specialised coaching certification in something called the Money Breakthrough Method TM.  I did this because I found that so many of my clients were experiencing great challenges when it came to self value and being able to earn a good income that provided what they needed and allowed them to fulfill their dreams.  I realised too that there were certain beliefs I held about money that were contributing in a limiting way to my own wealth growth.

To this day I still use a lot of what I learned in that training course in my work.  The processes I learned were incredibly powerful and empowering and can actually be applied to more things than money.

Today I want to share with you something else I do at the beginning of each month as a way to state what I want to earn in terms of monetary reward for my efforts from my business and life.  It’s called the Money Funnel process and is really simple.  I love it because it is so simple and gives me, at a quick glance, insight into exactly where I am at in terms of achieving my abundance and money goal for the current month.

money funnel | business coach PerthI regularly get my clients to use a money funnel to track their progress towards achieving their money and abundance goals also and I find when people actively use this tool they get great results.  As my Money Breakthrough Method mentor Kendall Summerhawk explained, you have to pay attention to money and actively work on creating a good relationship with it.  Ignoring it won’t get you anywhere.  Face facts, be realistic and have fun with your relationship with money.

Free Money Funnel Worksheets

Here’s the money funnel worksheets for you to download.  There’s one for you if you are working in 1000’s or more and one if you are working in 100’s.  Use it to track all of your income for the current month – absolutely every little bit of money that flows to you, even if it’s a few coins that you pick up on the pavement when you are out for a walk, or some change you find in someone’s pocket when you are putting the clothes into the washing machine.

Money Funnel 000s

Money Funnel 00s

Once you have downloaded and printed a copy fill in the section at the top so you can define your income goal for the current month.  Don’t just add up what you think you’ll bring in, get courageous and add 10 or 20% more to that amount and see what happens.  You may not reach your goal but then again, you just might!  Whatever you do you are on your way to growing your wealth!

Once the income starts flowing your way write down your running total along one side of the funnel and get some coloured pencils or markers and colour it in as it grows!  The visual impact in itself is fabulous and highly motivating.  Have fun growing your wealth this year.  With greater wealth everything will feel more effortless.


6 thoughts on “The Effortless Success Project Day #2 – Your Money Funnel

    1. Shannon Bush Post author

      Hi Tamara

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. Hope you like the worksheet – it’s something I absolutely love. Once you start getting your income coming in just colour in the funnel and watch it grow!

      All the best for the UBC!

      Wishing you succulent, effortless success

  1. Francene Stanley

    Unfortunately, I can’t make this system work for me. No matter how much I visualize wealth flowing toward me, it just doesn’t work when you’re over a certain age. I want my books to sell–that’d do it. But, after a whole year of blogging, I’ve learned it just doesn’t work. I don’t get out and about, so I can’t pick up coins on the pavement. My income is tiny and fixed despite the increase in payments for bills. Sigh. ‘Hope I die before I get old’, says it all. But I won’t feel downhearted. At least I have a loving companion.

    1. Shannon Bush Post author

      Hi Francene

      thanks for reading and commenting – personally I’ve worked with clients of all ages – one in her late 60’s and she managed to get this to work for her with some other support from a mindset perspective. I always believe it’s important to find what works best for you and go with that. Focus on gratitude for what you have, not what you don’t.

      All the best, Shannon


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