The Effortless Success Project Day #7 – F.O.C.U.S.

A couple of days ago I shared some of my plan for rejuvenation this year, and I shared my 3 R’s and 2 F’s for more ease which leads to more effortless success.  Basically it’s about doing less and achieving more.  It’s about making choices and following through with those choices with inspired, imperfect action.

Focus on what matters business coaching for womenToday I promised to expand on one of those F’s – F.O.C.U.S.  If we break down all the letters of the word it offers us a very valuable lesson and one that any business owner can benefit from.

Follow – One – Course – Until – Success

While one course may feel a little restricted, know that following one primary course, or focusing your energies on a small handful of key objectives or themes (such as the growth of your business, wealth, expertise and self) with a specified small number of strategies only, will lead to you feeling clearer and more confident and has the potential to magnify your results and effectiveness in a positive, energising and rewarding way.

Just this morning I spent time with one of my clients.  She is a someone who, she admits regularly, lives in a state of chaos in her life and business most of the time.  One of her goals this new year is to reduce that overwhelm and the chaos that reigns in her life.  The first part of her coaching session was pretty intense as she shared in depth with me the many, many strategies she had come up with over the holiday break to increase her business wealth this year.  My immediate response as I was listening to all she shared was – she is doing too much already so how will all this new ‘stuff’ contribute positively to her goals?

What we invested the remainder of her coaching session on was getting really clear about her wealth goals for the coming year and then with that in mind, and knowing her personal income goal for the year we talked about business growth strategies and determined 3 things (yes just 3!) that she would focus her energy on.  Within those 3 areas is just one strategy at a time. Remember – Follow One Course Until Success!

I’m pleased to say she left saying she felt lighter, more energised and ready to take action, knowing that she didn’t have to keep coming up with all sorts of potential solutions.  She just had to focus on the ones that made sense and that would, if she committed to them, grow her business, her wealth, her expertise and her self!

Love what I do! Until next time I wish you abundant, succulent, effortless success

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