The Effortless Success Project Day #8 – Hey Me, I Love You!

Inspired by an article I read from author and I Quit Sugar passionista Sarah Wilson, on her well loved blog I picked this theme – one tied to self growth as my share for today as part of the Effortless Success Project.  Following reading about Sarah’s meeting with the legendary Louise Hay back in 2011 I decided that in these early days of this magical new year it was time to really dig into more of the self growth I’m committed to as part of my 2014 Daring Dreams and Visions plan.

Sarah shared that Louise pushed her boundaries big time when they talked about self care and self acceptance.  Louise suggested that Sarah start each day looking in the mirror and telling herself she loved herself just the way she was.  Sarah shared all sorts of objections she had to affirmations, to looking at herself in the mirror and a number of other things.

What I loved was that she acknowledged that, after a few days the discomfort started to subside and as she looked in the mirror and shared her affirmations of self love she felt like she had a beautiful, loving friend staring back at her!  Here’s to affirmations of self love!

self love effortless success projectThis morning I looked in the mirror and said (out loud) to myself – “Shannon, I love you just the way you are.”  Yep it felt weird.  Sure it was a bit strange.  My cat Archie looked at me funny (but that’s not so uncommon! he looks at everyone a bit funny).  But I am committed to really taking care of me this year in a whole new way.  That’s one of my F.O.C.U.S. strategies for being the best version of myself I can be.  That means being my best me for me, for those I love and for you!

Seems so simple, yet why do so many of us struggle to like, let alone love, ourselves and what we create in our lives and businesses?  Don’t focus on what’s not working.  Live with gratitude for what is going well or getting better and let that be your guide.  In that see if you can incorporate your own “I Love You” plan and turn the reflection of you into one of your best friends.

Until next time I wish you succulent, effortless success

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p.s. you can read Sarah’s article on her blog here if you like

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