The Effortless Success Project Day #5 – Rejuvenation

Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing day with people very dear to me.  I also got to tick off 2 of my fabulous daring dreams for 2014! One of them was to try Stand Up Paddle-boarding which I did with my girlfriends Tanya and Jackie. (that’s me in the middle!  love the beautiful Perth skyline in the background)

Paddleboarding Fun Rejuvenate effortless success projectOne of the intentions we set for this year was to have fun and to connect more with people important to us.  Fun is something that can get really lost in the grand scheme of the busyness of life and business.  I love time with my husband, my girlfriends and people who nourish my soul but I’ve certainly been guilty of getting distracted by all the ‘stuff’ I have to do in my business (which also nourishes my soul, by the way!) that I can forget to put myself and fun first.  Fun for me is a direct path to rejuvenation.

rejuvenate effortless success project

I am coming to the end of 2 weeks break from my business.  That’s 2 whole weeks away from the office.  Sure there has been a little work that I have done but it’s been done because I chose to do it, not because I felt I had to.  Effortless success is about choice and action – it is the result of personal leadership.  As I have mentioned before, there is a massive difference between doing something because you choose to and doing it because you feel you have to, should do, must do or any of those kinds of drives.

Why did I decide to take this time out? 2013 was a very busy year for me.  So busy that I did forget, many times, what is important to me.  I forgot to factor me into the equation many many times over which led to my energy and productivity suffering and a big period of about 6 or so weeks in the last few months that I got sick and had to stop work.  For the first time I actually spent days resting and re-scheduled my clients.  That’s the first time I have done that in the 4 years I have been in my business full time.  I got to that point because along the way I didn’t take time to invest in the 3 R’s and 2 F’s that are important to me and to my being able to create more ease in all parts of my life and business.  Want to know what they are? Read on…

Rest – Is all about sleep and down time.  Time doing nothing.  It’s ok to do nothing!  It took me a long time to learn that lesson but I am glad I did.  I grew up in a wonderful household but it’s one of busyness.  My parents are always doing something and Mum readily says she wishes she could just sit still and relax, doing nothing, without feeling guilt about what she thinks she should be doing.  I used to feel guilty when Mum would ask me what I’d been doing and I said nothing.  Not I don’t feel that way and I don’t say nothing because doing nothing for me is resting!

Restore – Is all about health and well-being.  For me restore reminds me that balance in my activity and diet are essential if I want to be my best self.  What does that have to do with my business?  A huge amount.  If I’m not restoring from the inside out and outside in then how can I expect to function at my best when it’s important for me to do so.  I find that restore is one of my biggest challenges and takes discipline and committed choice and committed action to get it right – for me.

Rejuvenate – It’s all about recovery time and amps up the rest and restore phases.  When I rejuvenate I’m doing things that nourish my mind, body and soul.  It’s about wholistic balance across the 4 key focus areas for Succulent Effortless Success – balance and time spent invested in growing my business, my wealth, my expertise and my self.

F.O.C.U.S. – A while back now someone shared an alternate meaning for the word focus with me, saying that focus was really about Follow One Course Until Success.  I’m going to share more about that in tomorrow’s post as I get back to the office and back to my business FOCUS for 2014!

Focus Business SuccessFun – As I mentioned in my opening paragraphs, fun for me is a big step on the path to rejuvenation and with rejuvenation I can magnify my potential to experience succulent, effortless success.  What does fun mean to you?  For me it’s learning something new, laughing with friends, doing something meaningful with my husband James and indulging my inner creative goddess to just play with colour and create (and a whole lot more).  Factor fun into your year but doing something fun every day.  If you laugh it’s a good sign that fun’s shown up!  Yay for you!

Until next time I wish you your own succulent, effortless success

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