The Mediator Diplomat

Mediator Diplomat

The Innate Potential Model has at its core 12 archetypal Personal Leadership types featured in the international best selling book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose

The key message and personal leadership lesson of the Mediator Diplomat is ‘finding balance in all things’ Mediator Diplomat

Your key innate strengths are

  • An incredible ability to see the fairness in any situation and communicate that with clarity to others
  • You are passionate about ensuring that everyone has a ‘fair go’
  • You have great powers of observation and intuition and a determined desire to seek out the truth so any wrongs can be corrected and justice can prevail
  • You have a unique gift for balancing justice and compassion
  • Easily able to manage a fair distribution of power for all
  • Have a gift for negotiating fairness and strategy in your personal and professional life, with a keen respect displayed at all times for both sides of an argument or situation
  • You understand and are able to enforce, with balance and harmony, the universal laws of justice and truth in any society, whilst remaining professional, diplomatic and respectful of others needs, wants and desires
  • You live with and demonstrate the highest of integrity in any situation
  • You adopt a unique definition of fairness; When all parties involved surrender their personal agendas in favour of the greater good for the entire group, even if that is simply two individuals.  In this instance there is a commitment to the whole, to creating and maintaining a wholistic harmony, with trust in the wisdom of the whole of anything and everything


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