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The Thrive Factor Book is Almost Here… and it’s Time to Meet the Archetypes!

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Welcome to a very special episode of Law of Effortlessness Podcast with #businessyoda Shannon Bush! In this special episode, Shannon shares with us the announcement of her new book, The Thrive Factor – with a juicy behind-the-scenes peek at how this book came to be!

In 2013 Shannon published her first book, The Personal Leadership Style after two and half years of research and study in psychology, transpersonal art therapy, and archetypes and the patterns of behaviors and challenges she saw in her clients – her first book introduced the world to the twelve archetypes Shannon uncovered and developed and now, The Thrive Factor Book is here and has superseded it!

The Thrive factor Book is here to help you meet different, or forgotten parts of yourself and to understand challenges and strengths – and to give you permission to own your strengths, challenges, to be more of who you are and want to be, bringing a fierce determination and confidence. Shannon has invited many of the women she has worked with over the years to share their experience of working with their archetypes and the difference it’s made in their lives and businesses – over 48 women sent in their stories and is featured in the book – and you’ll hear from some of them soon.

After publishing the high-level first book, The Thrive Factor is a very in-depth look at each of these archetypes and how they interact with your Effortless Success Zone, focusing on your personal magnetism and inspiration which filter into your business – how people are drawn to you and inspired by you – a little different for each archetype!

Shannon shares how growing up, she realized that in spite of being told to work hard and put in lots of effort for success, she found it difficult and the hard, overwhelming work prevented the beliefs, mindset, and creation of our unique effortless success zone: enter, the beginnings of what Shannon stands for. Standing up for your strengths, acknowledging your challenges, choosing effortlessness – because when you give yourself permission to be in your effortless success zone, even when you do have days where things get de-railed you will have the resilience to “bounce forward.”

Stay tuned to hear an introduction to the twelve Archetypes:

  • Advocate Rescuer
  • Heroine Adventurer
  • Inspirer Believer
  • Liberator Engineer
  • Mediator Diplomat
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Mother Nurturer
  • Networker Connector
  • Pioneer Seeker
  • Queen Ruler
  • Shapeshifter Alchemist
  • Visionary Creator

Notable Quotes and Pearls of Wisdom

“When you give yourself permission to be more of who you are, enormous confidence follows.” – Shannon Bush

“When you give yourself permission to be in your effortless success zone, even when you do have days where things get de-railed you will have the resilience to ‘bounce forward’.” – Shannon Bush

“The Effortless Success Zone is about being who you are – your most naturally magnetic self.” – Shannon Bush

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What is the Amazon #1 Best selling book The Thrive Factor about? The Thrive Factor book featues 12 personal leadership Archetypes for women in business, providing valuable information for each archetype on its expression of mindset, marketing, money and magnetism.

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