Tired of Giving Your Power Away?


I have to tell you that the reason I’m writing this article today is that I have a real sense of sadnessWhy do I feel sad?

I feel sad because I meet, coach, teach and work with many women entrepreneurs, women in the corporate and business world in many different roles, women from all walks of life, women who continue to feel stuck, trapped and overwhelmed by the situations they find themselves in, the challenges they experience and issues they face

Why do I think this is happening?  I feel it’s because they’re not fully embracing their inner leader and letting her partner with the visionary parts of themselves to step up and be the empowered women they deserve to be

Can you do something for me?  can you take a moment to answer this question;

“What are you missing out on right now, at this very moment in time, because you’re giving your power away?”

Now a friend of mine recently said… “but don’t you have to have the power in the first place in order for it to be given or taken away?” and yes I agree you do.  What I also believe is that each and every one of us enters this world with an innate personal power.  I’m not going to go into what might happen to that power that leads us to become dis-empowered or for us to lose our power

More importantly I want you to know that you do have an inner, innate personal power and one of the first steps to claiming and expressing that is to reach out and connect with others to listen and learn and then with that new or remembered knowing to take action and implement, transform and reap the rewards as you prosper in any way you dream of.  Now the ‘vision’ I see and feel of a world filled with women doing that makes me feel a whole lot happier!

I know you’ve got a big dream for yourself.  It’s not too late to make it a reality.  Build a healthy relationship with your inner leader.  Let her work collaboratively with the visionary in you and go out there are claim what’s rightfully yours!

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