What Does it Mean To Be a Goddess?


Next weekend I am co-hosting a beautiful event for the ladies in my home town in Perth.  It’s called ‘I am Goddess’ and is quite simply a morning of amazing fun, beauty and remembering what it means to be the Goddess that you are.  This got me asking “What does it mean to be a Goddess?” and here’s some of what I got in response
I am Goddess
I am strong, confident, empowered
I am beautiful, sassy and succulent
I am all that I need to be
I am capable of creating anything I dream of
I am connected and grounded
I am full of life, vitality and spirit
I am free to be me
I am creative and expressive
I am a divine feminine woman
I am content because I know I speak my own truth
I am GoddessIf you’d like to be able to confidently stand up and say “I am Goddess” then join me for this upcoming morning of pure inner magic >>register here

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