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Each month I feature an inspirational, innovative business woman as cover girl for Totally Thriving, our digital business magazine.  For issue 4, our special International Women’s Day 2016 issue, we feature Moeloco founder Kathy Wong.

We asked Kathy some key questions about her business and here’s what she had to share.

Can you tell us what you love about being a business owner?

Its one of the best personal development journeys you could ever take, the way you get so stretched , makes you a stronger, better person. It’s not for the faint hearted.

What’s the one piece of advice you wished you’d be given earlier in your business?

Fail quickly and move on. Better to get to market quickly test, test and that’s only when you really know if your ideas are going to work or not.

What’s your usual day look like and what makes it a day you love?

Up at 4am start with some tasks then meditate and write my gratitude journal. By 6am I’m on the way to my boot camp for an hour then return home. Shower, eat and into work. Days I love best are ones with catching up with other business colleagues for chats and mastermind sessions. My day usually then ends around 9 to 10 pm.

What are your top three tips to thrive in business?

Self care: You must look after this, taking regular breaks, enjoy yourself.

Collaboration: We all crave connection and collaborating can give you extra resources, support and it’s a lot of fun.

Mentors: Surround yourself with great mentors who can challenge you, guide you. It’s essential you make yourself accountable.

What is your core message?

Each one of us has a unique gift that must be used and we can all make a difference.

Why is this important to you?

I know when people are fulfilled and happy from being on purpose they will make a difference even if they are not consciously seeking to do so. This causes a ripple effect which can create a happy, peaceful world.

Who do you love to serve the most?

Don’t have a favourite. It’s about serving the community especially those less fortunate like the children we support with our business.

What project are you working on right now and how will it change peoples’ lives?

A national event week that will be international that promotes community. It will change people’s lives by tapping into their humanity and the deep desire all human beings have to feel connected to each other.

Meet Kathy

Kathy Wong has a degree in visual communications which she used to start three businesses in the area of design branding, marketing and publishing. After retiring nine years ago, Kathy is now on her second act with her new start-up social enterprise Moeloco. Kathy is passionate about community, loves 80’s music and hates chokes.

Kathy Wong Moeloco | Totally Thriving Magazine | Women In Business | International Womens Day 2016

Kathy Wong Moeloco Logo | Totally Thriving Magazine | Women In Business | International Womens Day 2016

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