How Do I Write A Great Vision Statement?

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“I’ve been hearing that I need to have a vision statement but every time I try and write something I just get stuck! Help!”

This was a question a client of mine asked me in a session today and something I get asked often so let’s work through and answer this question for Kathryn so that you can both feel confident crafting your vision statement.

3 Steps To Writing The Ideal Vision Statement For You And Your Business

1. Get clear on what a vision statement is and it’s purpose

A vision statement is a broad, inspiring picture, captured in words, of the future state a business aspires to reach.  It describes without specifying how those aspirations will be achieved, or when. It is ambitious, and forward-thinking. It’s not about where the organization is now, it’s about what the organization will be, or aspires to be.

A vision statement has a number of functions.  In summary it needs to:

** describe aspirations and intent (what do you aspire to accomplish?  what is your big intention with your business?  why did you start your business?  what did you want to create?  describe this in 1 sentence)

** be inspirational for your staff and customers (inspiring yourself is the first step to inspiring others)

** project a compelling story (you want to be motivated and inspired by what you create as a vision – keep it interesting and it’ll keep you motivated for the long hall)

** paint a clear picture (words can be very powerful and help us to literally paint an image in our minds – if you want to you could try making a collage and literally create your vision in images and then find the words to describe that image – a bit of reverse engineering here!)

** use engaging and descriptive language (words you love that make you feel good too)

** be realistic (stretch yourself but don’t get so crazy bold that it’s not achievable!  you want to be motivated to move towards your vision, not feel like running the other way because it’s just too overwhelming)

** align with your company’s values (the things that are important to you…… really important to you)

2.  Get a snapshot of where you are at in business right now by answering questions like the following;

What are your areas of expertise?

Who do you help?

What problems do you solve?

What major benefits do you provide?

What action words describe what you do / how you do it?  e.g. teach, guide, support, educate, motivate, develop, facilitate, achieve, deliver, bring together, speak for, represent…

3.  Have a go at summarising your vision in a short sentence

Keeping it clear and to the point is key.  You want it to be motivating and inspiring.  It’s a great thing to be able to inspire yourself, your team and of course your customers and clients.

To make sure you’ve got it perfect for you consider the following;

** is it inspirational for your staff and customers?

** does it project a compelling image?

** does it paint a clear picture?

** have you used engaging and descriptive language?

** is it realistic?

** does it align with your company’s values? (they’re the things that are really important to you and guide the way you do business, e.g. customer service, knowledge, creativity, integrity, passion, connection, expertise)

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