What Does It Mean To Lead Your Life?

As I step forward into a new phase of my journey as an author I am being reminded loud and clear what it really means to lead your life.  I’ll be honest with you – the journey, while very exciting, has not been smooth.  It’s been very challenging and really, with publishing my new book in the Amazon Kindle, it’s a journey that’s only in it’s infancy.  There is a long road ahead and one I am ready for but right now I am tired and in need of a darn good sleep!

When I think about what it means to lead your life I am immediately reminded of what I have shared in my book, and what I’ve been sharing with my clients and in my blog posts for such a long time.  It means committed choice and follow through with committed action.   To me it also means self-responsibility and being thorough and having high integrity.  It may mean something a little different to you.  That’s ok.  It is called personal (or self) leadership for a reason.

It is about you leading your life your way, but in a way that returns the experience, results and outcome you want and deserve.  Things may go wrong along the way.  Things may feel challenging.  Things may feel hard.  On the road to effortless success there is action required.  In fact there is effort required.  To be effortless is not to do nothing.

Why am I sharing this today?  I am sharing because I want to encourage you to keep moving forward with whatever you are doing.  I want you to know your dreams are worth it.  I want you to know that no matter what happens and how it makes you feel, the outcome, in time is going to be better than you imagined.  Stay focused and believe in yourself!  You can do it.  When you lead your life you can do anything…

Until next time I wish you a limitless life filled with succulent, effortless success,




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Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach and best selling author or Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose, connects women to deep self understanding and acceptance by uncovering their unique Personal Leadership Archetypes.  When you know who you are you know your natural strengths and how to use them in your life, your career or your business to take back control, make confident choices, create valuable opportunities and live with greater ease.  Dare to believe in you.  Dare to be the leader of your life and watch succulent, effortless success flow your way.  www.creativepossibility.com.au

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