What Is An Abundant Life?

Abundance is, I think, one of the words of the moment.  I often hear others talking of abundance in general conversation.  When they use this term they are referring to many different things from financial wealth to spiritual richness.  With all the work I’m doing with my clients at the moment focusing a lot on mo.ney coaching I stopped today and decided to really think about what abundance means to me.  The question I asked myself is ‘What is an abundant life?’…..
The answers that came didn’t surprise me.  This is not the first time I have thought about abundance and what it means for me to have and live an abundant life

For me abundance is richness.  It is being in a place of gratitude for all that I have and all that I am creating in my life.  It is honouring the contribution I make to the community.  It is the value I place on myself, on the important family and friends in my life.  It is being able to acknowledge and say thanks for the simple things that I have each and every day that support me to be who I am.  It is standing up and embracing my purpose with enthusiasm and determination.  It’s being able to ask for whatever I need to be the best I can be as much of the time as possible.  It’s knowing that it’s ok to admit when I have a bad day and things aren’t going so well.  It’s the fact that I am human afterall, but that I am open and willing to live with an intention of richness and be ready to welcome whatever feels abundant into my life when it comes my way and it is having enough financial wealth to be able to support myself and my family, invest in my education and be a business owner

I’d love to know what you think abundance is so please share your comments below.  If abundance for you is linked to financial wealth and you are not feeling as abundant as you’d like to be then check out my new program, Creative $ Goddess starting soon!

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