What Is Money Clutter And Why Do I Need To Shift It?

With a great big focus on abundance in my blog posts (and my life) at the moment I’m really excited to be hosting a F*R*E*E call this coming Wednesday morning all about mo.ney clutter and how, when you put some simple steps in place to deal with all that clutter you will be on your way to creating a beautiful abundant life for yourself

I’ve been sending out information about the tele-class and getting a few people asking “What is money clutter and why do I need to shift it?”  In this post today I am going to answer that question….

Firslty let’s get to the bottom of the term clutter.  Clutter is a term that we hear often, particularly in relation to our work space, kids bedrooms, the overflowing washing basket, that ironing stack that never seems to go down, the leaves swirling around the garden, the cupboards that you are scared to open because of what might fall out on top of you.  In this part of the world we often just refer to this as mess.  It is in fact clutter

Clutter is anything that creates a confused or disordered state; a jumble; confusion; litter; mess

We talk about clutter in relation to our lives in many ways.  We talk about the mess our relationships are in (= relationship clutter), how messy our house is if we haven’t had time to clean it or the cleaner hasn’t come yet for the week (= home clutter), the mess on our desks (= paper and digital clutter), how messy that last business dealing was if it didn’t go to plan (= more relationship clutter).  We generally don’t talk about the clutter that exists in relation to our money and for whatever reason we don’t want to deal with it, even though we may know deep down that it is having a profound effect on our ability to create abundance in our lives

As business owners we probably will admit to paper clutter, digital clutter, mental clutter, but it’s rare that we talk about money clutter. It’s time that we did because it can be really damaging to your business, just as much as the other types of clutter

One of my mentors, herself a million dollar coach says that how you do money is how you do everything.  The more I step back and am honest with myself the more I see that this is true.  The same patterns of behaviour, wether it be the way we handle relationships, our businesses or money, are very similar, or in many cases exactly the same

Now that I have defined money clutter for you I want you to think about how things are in your lfie and business.  If they are not as you would like them to be then is it possible that you have money clutter to deal with?

What are you losing out on in your life and business by not dealing with the money clutter that you have?

If you want some great tips on how to deal with and clear up your money clutter then join me this coming week for a no-cost call (tele-class) where I’ll be sharing just that; tips to free you from your money clutter and start really creating an abundant life.  Remember, how you do money is how you do everything!

You can register for the call here >>http://cpc-abundant-life.eventbrite.com

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