What Is Personal Leadership?

Personal Leadership

What Is Personal Leadership?

“A deep seated, succulent, passionate desire, put into action, to empower your visions and transform your life by staying true to who you really are, aligned with your values, your purpose and your passion”

~ Shannon Bush

Personal Leadership features as the core of everything for me. It’s the centre of everything I teach and everything I aim to demonstrate as I focus on leading by example. It is also, in my personal opinion, the key to you empowering your visions and transforming your life. While I have my own innate understanding of what personal leadership is I am often reminded that there are many people who do not have a knowing about what it means. Today I have decided to delve into this topic as the theme for February so I’ll be sharing a series of articles over the course of this month to help demystify personal leadership for you, well the Creative Possibility version of personal leadership at least

To get started I feel it’s important to tell you about my experience with personal leadership and how I came to be so passionate about it. I can’t exactly remember when it started. In some ways it’s a bit like I’ve always been interested in what I now call personal leadership. It is, for me anyway, the deep seated inner drive we all have access to. It’s the drive that fuels your day. The juice that keeps you flowing. The magic that makes you sparkles. It’s the choices that you make. It’s saying NO when you know it isn’t right and racing up and yelling YES when it’s succulently perfect for you. It’s being a leader. It’s living your life on your terms. It’s about saying I can, I will, I do, I am…..

I know that when I’m not in relationship with my inner leader and therefore not engaged in actively living my brand of personal leadership that things are usually not function at their best for me. It is in these times that I get stagnant, that I feel stuck, challenged, in pain, overwhelmed and just not ‘right.’ Things are not working for me and business and my life are often looking pretty bleak. Have you ever had a moment where you just don’t ‘feel right’ but you can’t necessarily put your finger on it and put words around what’s going on to describe it? These are the times when you are not in relationship with your inner leader and not following your personal leadership path

The sort of feelings and experiences I described are also signs that you’re off track and not honouring yourself in an empowering way. Time to get back to what it means to be you, and to take charge as the leader of your life, business, career and go out and grab your vision and squeeze it so tight it just melts into you as a divine reality

Personal leadership is, as you may think from it’s name, a very personal experience. My expression of personal leadership will be different to your expression as will the outcomes for both of us. That is, I think, part of what makes personal leadership so empowering

I’ll be back soon with more on this fascinating topic so until next time I wish you succulent, effortless success


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