What Sort Of Leader Are You?

Personal Leadership, also known as Self-Leadership, has been a passion of mine for quite some time.  Along side this I have had a life-long interest in understanding people.  By understanding I mean how we work, what makes us tick, how we relate to each other and how individuals can discover and share their innate gifts, something I call your Innate Potential

Innate Potential is the sum of all of our archetypal patterns, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and actions.  It’s the expression of the gifts and challenges we were born with and the magical future we are yet to create.  In an effort to aid self understanding and the discovery or re-discovery of the many innate aspects to each individual I began to explore the connection between Archetypes and Personal Leadership.  What I discovered was that there were indeed a set leadership styles that were resonant with my understanding of Archetypes as a way to define similar patterns of expression in individuals

The Innate Potential Model of Leadership has at it’s core 12 individual leadership styles.  Each Personal Leadership Archetype captures a unique set of attributes that show up in all of us.  We each have all of the Archetypes within, but we have some that are much more dominant in us that others

The 12 Archetypal Personal Leadership styles are

  • Advocate Rescuer
  • Heroine Adventurer
  • Inspirer Believer
  • Liberator Engineer
  • Mediator Diplomat
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Mother Nurturer
  • Networker Connector
  • Pioneer Seeker
  • Queen Ruler
  • Shapeshifter Alchemist
  • Visionary Creator

If you’d like to know what your archetypal Primary Personal Leadership style is book a profiling session here



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