Why aren’t you…..

As I sat down to write this week’s article for you I knew somewhere deep down inside my creative soul that I had to look at a very particular question; “Why aren’t you?”

As I started to write there were soooo many questions that flowed into my creative mind that all asked in one way or another why this why question?  The reason I feel so compelled to write about this why question, the “Why aren’t you?”  is because it’s a question that we often don’t want to ask ourselves and it’s also an incredibly powerful question to ask and one I believe can make the difference when it comes to turing our creative dreams into reality


Now I’m going to reveal something about why this particular question is so difficult to ask so please stay with me…. I do have a really important point to make.  Do you want to know what the why is, the reason it’s a hard question to ask and even answer?
The difficult in asking and answering the question “Why aren’t you?” is usually grounded in fear of some kind.  We may have a number of creative dreams living and breathing inside of us but the fear, the deep seated terror even, that we feel when it comes to sharing our creative gifts with the world can literally stop us dead in our tracks, paralizing us from being able to birth our creative dreams.  Your fear may be fear of acceptance, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of ridicule, any fear in fact.  It’s the something that stops you from taking the action you need to take to birth your creative dream.  So what can you do about it?

Understand you are not alone
Some of the greatest, most successful creative women openly share their fears about stepping out into the world.  As an example one of the people who inspires me most and who’s work encouraged me to follow my creative dreams is the writer SARK (you can find out more about her at planetsark.com).  SARK openly shares through her writings and teachings that she procrastinated for 25 years before writing the first of many, many best selling books on creativity and other amazing and empowering topics.  One day she was meeting with a friend in her cottage who also happened to be a publisher and she found herself talking all about the books she wanted to write.  What happened next (in my opinion) was that she was given a gift.  She was asked “Why aren’t you writing them?”  The question had been asked before, she’d even asker it herself.  This time she was ready to take action and within a few weeks had created and published her first book “SARK’s Creative Companion”.  While I don’t know for certain, I suspect that for the first time there may not have been an excuse (hidden in the form of an answer that probably went something like “Well you see I can’t because..” or  similar).  Something had changed and the compulsion to birth the dream was greater than the fear that had been stopping it.  She took action and as they say “the rest is herstory!”

Ask the question and be gentle and honest as you answer
As I’ve shared above, sometimes all it takes is to actually ask the question.  I really encourage you now to think about a creative dream you’ve been holding onto, something you’ve not been ready to share with the world and then to ask yourself “Why aren’t I….” and to answer honestly and gently.  Remove any judgement or thought that doesn’t support you and be open to exploring what comes up.  It might not be the right time to take action, but then again it might be perfect timing.  You’ll never know unless you ask the question

Dare to be a creative woman who can

Now that you’ve realised you are not alone, asked the question and answered it in a gentle nurturing way it’s time to be brave.  It’s time to dare to be what I call a creative woman who can.  She’s a woman determined to make her dreams a reality, one who has a belly full of creative fire buring inside her and inspiring her to bring her creative dreams to life.  She’s ready to do what it takes, to learn from others, be inspired to take action and to let no-one stand in her way

Let the only ‘stop’ in your life be the time it takes to stop and ask “Why aren’t I?…”

If you want to hear from other women who’ve asked the question and taken action to bring their creative dreams to reality then I’d love you to join me at my upcoming Creative Women Can Telesummit.  It’s a virtual event which means you can listen on-line or via the phone, is Fr.ee to register and features 8 amazing women who I have the honour of interviewing.  Love you to join us

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