Why I Cringe When I Hear “I just want to help people”!

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I’ve been coaching for many years now.  I love what I do but there are a few things I hear that just make me want to cringe, or yell – I’m not quite sure sometimes!

One of these things that elicits a cringe response from me followed by a desperate need to yell “no don’t do that to yourself” or “stop it right not, you deserve so much better” sounds a bit like this…

“But I just want to help people”

“Helping people is more important to me than money”

“What’s wrong with helping others?”

You know what.

Nothing is wrong with wanting to help.  That’s a totally beautiful thing.

The issue is when you lead your business with help as your primary function, without regard for setting your business up to support you financially.

If you don’t, you don’t really have a business.  There I said it.

Well the reality is you don’t have a business that’s supporting you.  If you are doing it all for love, your money mindset is sucky and you feel like you can never make ends meet then you’re not setting yourself up to grow your wealth and succeed.

That’s just how it is.

Helping Is Cool, But It Won’t Pay The Bills!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not an anti-helping advocate.  Not at all.  I definitely advocate for helping, sharing, teaching, mentoring, guiding, supporting and all that jazz to be a big part of your business values and business ethos.

So at what point does the cringe kick in for me?

When you help without expecting that a fair exchange, that’s usually financial, is ok to expect!

When you help because you are scared to talk about money, don’t want to share your fees, or the person you are helping just doesn’t ask about the money aspect so you don’t bring it up either and wrap up secretly delighted you avoided “that” conversation!

When you think that sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your skills, experience and expertise doesn’t equal being paid, or only being paid a little!

When you decide how much people can afford and drop your fees or prices because you don’t think that they will or can pay more.

When you do things that limit you, keep you small and leave you poor.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t go into business to struggle to make ends meet.  I have financial goals and I am proud to have them and be working towards them, step by step.

What about you?  Still feeling like helping (for free) is a better way to go?  How are those bills going?  Savings?  When did you last invest in something beautiful just for you?

Something to think about hey?

Until next time…. grab your piggy bank and give yourself some time out for setting some powerful wealth growth goals for the year.  Make sure you include some money mindset work along with the practical actions!  the combination of both is key.  More about that another time….

Keep thriving


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2 thoughts on “Why I Cringe When I Hear “I just want to help people”!

  1. Swapna

    OMG!! YES!! This is so true especially for people who are in the healing business. You can’t run on empty tank!! You can’t give someone else oxygen when you are gasping for breath! Thank you for this!!


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