Why Is Personal Leadership So Important?

Personal Leadership has been a big focus for me for quite some time now.  With the advent of writing and publishing my first book Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose I’ve really understood in a whole new way how important it is when it comes to living a life that you really love; a life that allows you to experience something else I am deeply passionate about – Effortless Success!

The reason personal leadership is so important to me stems back to my childhood.  I share a little about this in my book but basically I spent a lot of time with some incredible women who taught me so very much.  My grandmothers and great grandmother were big influences on me.  They encouraged me to be confident, determined and to use my gifts and talents.  Even at a young age I knew they wanted me to be able to have and make choices and to take action on those choices in a way that provided me with a fabulous life.

What they also did was confuse me.  You see while they were all offering me incredible support I was observing them giving their power away.  What they were telling me was important wasn’t reinforced because their actions and behaviour spoke volumes in contradiction.  I possibly didn’t understand what was happening but I knew that something wasn’t congruent and I also knew then, even at such a young age that I was going to work out why.

In time I have come to understand that it was largely because each of these wonderful role models in my life had some sort of underlying belief of “I’m not enough.”  I actually think (based on the numerous conversations I have with women all the time) that every woman has this underlying belief that impacts one or many areas of her life.

I have a great determination and fire in my belly that inspires and drives me to do what I can to change this.  I have a wish for women to know, in their minds, their hearts, their spirit and soul that they are more than enough.

Personal leadership is living your life your way.  It is choosing and acting in ways that support you and prove to you that you are more than enough.  Personal leadership is accepting yourself and accepting yourself shows you that you are more than enough.

Be more than enough – lead your life your way.  That’s what I want for you.  That’s why personal leadership is so important!

Until next time I wish you a limitless life filled with succulent, effortless success




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