Why It Is Essential For Women To Connect With Other Women

I have just had the absolute honour of being a guest speaker at the very 1st International Creative Arts Therapies Telesummit hosted by the amazing Creativity Queen and founder of Business Success For Therapists, Laura Dessauer and with this opportunity I was humbly reminded about the incredible importance of ensuring that we connect with others, and as women, that we connect with other women

A sense of connection is so important as it provides us with the opportunity to see that there is something greater than ourselves and if that is the case then we are not alone – not alone in life, not alone with whatever challenges or struggles we might have in life and our business or professional lives and not being alone means that we don’t have to do it all by ourselves!

When was the last time that you connected with a group of like minded souls?  and how did you feel when you did connect with them?  I know that when I connect with people like these, the sort of people that I call and believe are my ‘tribe’ that I feel alive, exhilarated, passionate and inspired……

Connection provides you with support, inspiration, learning opportunities, reflection, a sense of something greater, someone to bounce ideas off, mentors, guides, encouragement, someone to share the truth with and have the truth provided (a reality check!) and belief that what you do have and what you are putting out there in the world is worthwhile and wanted and needed by others

One of the best pieces of advice I was given early on when I was setting up my business  was to get out there and connect (often referred to as networking) and as I did this I made new friends and found immense support with other women doing the same thing.  This was particularly important for me as I work from home most of the time and can spend a large part of the day not seeing anyone.  As I made more and more connections my tribe grew and I was more determined to step up and out into the world to honour in gratitude the support I had received from reaching out and connecting and as an added bonus, by connecting more and more people got to know me and what I was all about and this led to an increase in my clients and expansion of my business!

So if it’s the only thing you do this week… get out there somewhere in the world and connect with other women and share your story! Believe it or not, someone is waiting to hear it!

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