Will You Recognise Success When It Comes Your Way?

Success is one of those things many people talk about wanting.  We say we want to be successful in our lives.  That success might relate to your relationship, your career, in your businesses, in your friendships and with your family.  It might be financial success, professional success.  It might be success in every single area of your life.

I often hear these conversations about wanting success.  I hear my clients talk of success.  I hear friends talk about success.  I hear people talking about it when I have coffee or a meal out with others.  It feels like it’s something everyone is wanting yet many, many people do not feel like they are experiencing.  Are you one of them?

Maybe you get a sense of success in some areas of your life.  Perhaps everything seems to be falling into place with the exception of one area; one key area.  Yet because things aren’t fabulously wonderful in that area you feel a fraud and like you are not really successful in the other areas of your life either.

If you were then surely that ‘one area’ would be wonderful too, right? 


Everything does not have to be perfect for you to be a success.  Go easy on yourself and stop and look, really look, at what you are achieving everyday and see the success already in your life.

Still not convinced you are a success?  Perhaps you are like the significant number of people I’ve met, coached, trained, shared coffees with, celebrated with, emailed, connected on Facebook with.  You get the picture.  It’s a common conversation.

I’d like to suggest that you haven’t stopped to actually define what success means to you and because of that you aren’t able to acknowledge the success you have right now or know where you are headed on your journey to success.  I’ve heard the saying “Success is a journey, not a destination” and I agree to a point.  What’s missing here is that you can enjoy the journey more and get more out of it if you know where it is you are headed.  You probably wouldn’t head out on a road trip that often without a map.

(Warning… a potentially big a-ha moment coming next)

How can you recognise you are already successful if you have no idea what success means to you?

Before you write yourself off and prevent yourself from rightfully claiming your success you need to know what success is for you.  Not someone else’s success.  Your success in all of its succulent glory.  Define your success destination.

This doesn’t mean lowering your standards and expectations.

It means defining them as clearly as possible and then making a commitment and taking action (the core of personal leadership) to make your definition of success a reality.

Start by understanding what success will look, sound and feel like. Immerse yourself in what it will be like to be a success.  Do something every day to bring it to life and expect it will happen.  Understand it inside out so you know what you are focusing on, what you are working towards, what you are flowing towards.

That way, when you discover yourself there you’ll know it and you can pause for a moment, take a big deep breathe, smile widely, throw your arms in the air and say “I’m here”!

Now that’s glorious

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