Will You Seal Your Success in 2012? (9 Power Questions to Help You Determine Y or N!)

SealOver the past few months I’ve written a lot about effortless success. It’s a great vision of mine, to see others experience their version of success with great ease and joy and to see that success become something significant, sustained and effortless. I feel great sadness when I see and hear others struggling and I am committed to doing what I can, by sharing my knowledge, experience and wisdom as far and wide as possible to teach others the tools and strategies I’ve learned and developed over a significant period of time so that effortless success can be something real for more and more people every day

At this time of year there are so many things happening around us, in our external world. We have lots of social events to attend, friends and family to see, shopping to do, things to prepare, activity all around us. There is also a lot happening for us internally, whether you realize it it not. Quite often we are not consciously aware of how much time we invest in reflecting, looking inward, wondering how things could be different, better, easier, free-er….

This is therefore a powerful time to deeply reflect inward on the year that’s been. Within that reflection space is an opportunity to review your goals and intentions for the past year and to evaluate how well you succeeded in achieving them. Whether this is something you do formally or something informal, it’s not uncommon to be left feeling less than satisfied about your achievements

I think we are too quick to focus on what we haven’t achieved rather than celebrating what we have succeeded with and in, no matter how big or small those successes are. A wise mentor of mine always says “big or small, we celebrate them all” when it comes to reflecting on our personal successes and accomplishments which is such a richly rewarding way to exist

Right now I’d like you to check in and ask yourself the following 9 Power Questions. They are designed to go deep into reflection on what the past year has been and to open you to begin thinking about what you’d need for next year and beyond to shimmer with effortless success

  1. How are you feeling right now as you reflect back on the past year?
  2. How has 2011 been for you, truthfully?
  3. Was it all you wished for and better than you could have hoped?
  4. Whats one significant goal you were certain you’d achieve that you didn’t?
  5. If you didn’t achieve at the rate you’d hoped to then how do you feel about that? (flat, disappointed, frustrated, tired, poor and overwhelmed are the most common responses I hear from people unsatisfied with their performance at this time if year)
  6. Are you now vowing that next year will not be a repeat of this past year?
  7. What steps are you going to out into place to ensure that 2012 is not a repeat of 2011?
  8. Did you ask for help in 2011? Stretch yourself? Learn new skills? Shift limiting beliefs that were holding you back and replace self sabotaging behaviors with supportive, forward momentum actions?
  9. What sort of support are you willing to invest in to ensure that 2012 is your best year yet?

How did you go? Were you surprised about the responses you got? Were you truly honest with yourself as you answered each questions? (more questions I know, sorry, but they need to be asked!)

Because so many people let themselves get into a situation this time of year where they start to feel less than satisfied (this is where that unhelpful often negative self talk kicks in and makes us feel quite frankly like we’re just not good enough) even though they shouldn’t, I’ve decided to hold a complimentary training webinar next week to share with you the secrets to sealing your success in 2012 so that everything about you and you’re life shimmer and shine and you can really thrive not just survive!

You can find out more and register for this event here

I can’t wait to share the empowering content with you and help you on your way to an awesome new year next year and every year after! The extra good news is that the strategy and steps I’m going to share are far easier than you might think. Remember, my intention for you is effortless success from this point forward

Register for the training Webinar and I’ll see you there

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